Whats in your bag: Fiona Garwood

Fiona Garwood

Fiona Garwood - Credit: Steve Adams

What little essentials do you always have with you? Fiona Garwood from Norwich Sunblinds reveals her handbag secrets

Stanley tape measure

Stanley tape measure - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

For almost 30 years Fiona Garwood has worked at Norwich Sunblinds, taking over the business from her parents 20 years ago – but it wasn’t always her chosen career.

“I worked in a building society and also as a pastry chef at The Assembly Rooms in Norwich as it was known then. But my mum fell pregnant rather unexpectedly with my younger brother, so I stepped in. I now run Norwich Sunblinds alongside my husband and brother-in-law,” she says.

“I spend most of my time visiting clients in their homes. I absolutely love it, it is really rewarding getting to know customers and sharing my expertise and ideas. Blinds have gone from something which were traditionally very functional and neutral to being an interior design feature.

“Now you can have anything from retro and vintage patterns and bold colours to simple greys. Years ago, vertical blinds were very popular, now it is more about venetian blinds and shutters.”

Chanel No 5

Chanel No 5 - Credit: Steve Adams

While not being someone to treat herself to designer handbags, she loves her current bag – a Lulu Guinness.

“I was thrilled when my husband bought this for me, I had dropped a few hints but he chose this design himself and I love it,” she says. “It has a library pattern and as I love books, it was the perfect choice.” w

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8 St Benedicts Street, Norwich NR2 4AG, 01603 615945, www.norwichsunblinds.co.uk

Silver elephant charm

Silver elephant charm - Credit: Steve Adams

Stanley tape measure, from £5

I am always leaving my tape measure at people’s houses so I always have a spare one in my handbag just in case as I don’t want to turn up at my next appointment without one.

Chanel No 5 Eau De Parfum Spray, 35ml from £49

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick - Credit: Steve Adams

The scent isn’t too heavy and isn’t floral, which is good as I don’t like floral perfumes. I like to spray a little on to freshen up before an appointment.

Silver elephant charm

I bought this beautiful silver elephant charm from an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. It was an amazing holiday and I always have this with me as a reminder, either on a necklace or in my bag.

Samsung Galaxy 5 mobile phone

Samsung Galaxy 5 mobile phone - Credit: Steve Adams

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick, from £23

I am not a shrinking violet and I love this bold, bright red Chanel lipstick. The lady on the Jarrold’s Chanel counter always knows what I have come in for.

Saucony running trainers

Saucony running trainers - Credit: Steve Adams

Phone - Samsung Galaxy 5, prices vary

In between appointments I like to have a little game of Scrabble on my phone. Of course I also use it for work, particularly if I need to record some notes about unusual windows or challenging architectural designs.

And a little something else…

Saucony running trainers

I do a bit of running to keep fit, but I keep my trainers with me so if I have a gap in appointments, can go for a quick half an hour walk. It reinvigorates me for the day.

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