Wrap up warm - How to layer your winter outfits

Suzanne Mann, owner of a successful Yorkshire fashion boutique, W'Mann, gives some expert advice on layering for winter. She talks to Antonia Edwards

A lot of people think layering is about throwing on all their thermals, but aside from the obvious benefits of keeping warm, it’s an excellent transitional fashion that takes you from summer into autumn or winter into spring, particularly in this country where the weather is so unpredictable throughout the day. 

Layering clothes can also really help with body confidence. We all have moments where we want to cover up a bit, but wearing too many voluminous layers will leave you looking ‘swamped’. I always encourage customers to go for something a little neater and finer for the base layers. You can flatter a fuller figure for example by wearing a tighter fitting t-shirt with a drapey piece over the top. Equally for someone with an athletic, boyish figure, layering with a bolero will help to create more of a waist. A sequined bolero would also be a great way of taking a day outfit into evening.

If you’re scared of layering, start by looking at how you layer accessories. See them not just as bits and pieces you pick up as you’re going out the door but as an important part of an outfit. Scarves are a brilliant way of bringing in some colour. There’s also a lot of leather about at the moment, so accessorising with gloves, statement bags and butter-soft tie belts can be a great way to acknowledge the trend. 

Lastly, make sure you take time to look at what you’ve already got in your wardrobe and try things on. You’ll find you already have some of the basics such as a classic white t-shirt. It’s a very versatile fashion and once you appreciate the style, comfort and practicality of layering you won’t want to go back!

Autumn/winter collection by Sandwich, available at W’Mann in Ossett, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire 01924 273774

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