Making history in LGC

Letchworth Study Centre

Letchworth Study Centre - Credit: Archant

Want to make history? Letchworth GC Heritage Foundation is calling for volunteers to help archive some 80,000 documents and objects held in storage

Drawers, boxes and shelves filled with the town’s history at its study centre need careful handling and recording, but the mammoth task needs as many willing hands as possible.

Curator Vicky Axell said the digital project is where they need the most help. As the owner of the bulk of the designs and architectural drawings for the world’s first garden city, the foundation wants to make sure they are protected for the future in digital format and made widely available.

Axell said, ‘It isn’t worth millions but is invaluable as it tells the story of how the first garden city came to be – from the people who made it.’

Town visionary Ebenezer Howard’s writing desk and daybed is in the collection – as well as other treasures which have not yet been identified. ‘We don’t even know what is in there,’ said Vicky.

If you can help, contact or call 01462 476075.

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