WATCH: 16 retro videos looking back at life in Sussex

Beachy Head (c) Fred Judges, Judges Postcards, RPPC, England, C1905-1910 from John Toohey via Flickr

Beachy Head (c) Fred Judges, Judges Postcards, RPPC, England, C1905-1910 from John Toohey via Flickr - Credit: Archant

Since the advent of the moving picture all corners of our county have changed considerably. Through these classic videos we can take a look back at how our ancestors lived in Sussex

1) Royal Tour of Sussex (1951)

“Hastings, one of the oldest coast towns in Britain, is the scene for the start of a two-day tour of Sussex by Princess Elizabeth and a big crowd assembles on the front to await the Royal arrival”

2) Sussex Downs Ranger (1949)

“This is the one-man station where PC 51 works. And nearby lives his assistant, down on the records as an Irish Bay Gelding”

3) At Bognor’s Craigwell House (1929)

“In sunny Sussex-by-the-Sea - Craigwell House, Sir Arthur du Cros’s wonder house, where we all hope His Majesty The King will be speedily and fully restored to health”

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4) Herstmonceaux Trug Makers (1963)

“Just look around this open-air factory floor. You might think that time has bypassed this Shakespearean setting”

5) Homemade Shoreham Gyrocopter (1959)

“He built it in his spare time in about seven months - Vicky lending a very willing hand”

6) Hove Concrete Sculptor (1959)

“Sean Rice here is not a confectioner but a sculptor and his favourite medium is this special cement mixture”

7) Egg Automation near Chichester (1960)

“At this farm near Chichester in Sussex all they have to do is to carton them up and pack them in a revolutionary slot machine which does the selling”

8) Fishbourne Bee Keeping (1953)

“Mr Thompson has nothing to fear from these busy bees. His blood is now immune to their sting”

9) The Ladywell Game at Lancing College (1957)

“The game is a mixture of soccer, rugby, water polo and other more unorthodox strategies”

10) Worthing Water Safety (1960)

“While no one can stop small boys throwing stones, a special warning flag does at least tell them where not to throw”

11) Hayward’s Heath Dolphin Fair (1956)

“At the 700-year-old Dolphin Fair at Hayward’s Heath for example there’s something for everyone”

12) The Hastings Tub Man (1919)

“’Biddy’ they call this acrobatic ‘smiler’. But perhaps a more appropriate name would be ‘Tubby’”

13) A Day on Brighton Pier (1946)

“Every season two million landlubbers go to sea on Brighton Pier. They go for the invigorating salt sea breezes. They go for the cheerful, non-stop fun. Wet or fine, they get both”

14) Horsham Mini Tractor (1964)

“You can fork out a few pounds on this mini tractor and cut all those back-breaking hours in the garden”

15) Ecclesbourne Glen Cliff Top House (1950)

“Cliffs and the sea have an eternal attraction and a house overlooking both sounds like a dream”

16) Billingshurst Fire Brigade (1965)

“The firemen who spend their spare time shining these proud, pre-war veterans of the fire service have no official part to play in local brigade duties”


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