Putting the spotlight on retailers whose business is an important part of the community

Some locals still call Mobberley Bakery Goostrey’s as it was named after its previous owner, Leslie Goostrey, a well-respected figure in the village.

Old habits die hard, as the owners for the past 15 years have been Paula Byrne and her husband Carl but while the name may have changed, the traditional baking methods have stayed the same.

Paula explains that they bought the business off her sister Michelle, who was married to Leslie’s son Martin.

‘Neither of us had any experience in baking. When Martin fell ill they decided to put the business up for sale and we bought it,’ says Paula.

The bakery’s original site had been opposite the Bird In Hand, but Mr Goostrey relocated it in the 1980s.

Now it employs two bakers who along with Carl still bake in the traditional way, getting up at 3am to turn out bread that is baked to the age old recipes.

Paula explains: ‘We bake every day and there are no preservatives in any of our bread.

‘Unlike supermarket bread, after a couple of days it’s toast - literally!’

There are modern additions too including business platters for companies based at the nearby Park Gate industrial estate.

‘Probably our most popular sandwich is what people call the McMobberley,’ says Paula .

‘People come for miles for one of those. And our bacon and egg sandwiches are also very popular.

‘But we are definitely traditional and still have all those old fashioned favourites like vanilla slices, Eccles cakes and cream cakes.

‘It’s hard work but it is nice to be part of that tradition and Mr Goostrey’s name still lives on. In fact two of his granddaughters now work for me. Apparently he used to go around and deliver on his bike. I have tried to tempt the staff to do the same but they’ve not fallen for that yet.’