Fool-proof your wedding planning by taking note of these top wedding hacks, guaranteed to set your special day up for success. 

1. Wear a robe on your wedding morning

Ensure that you wear something that is fastened from the front so that you don't ruin your wedding hair or make-up when it is removed. 

2. Pack a thin pillowcase

Put a thin pillowcase over your head before changing into your wedding dress to avoid any unwanted stains or smears.

3. Use heel protectors

Stop your heels from sinking into the grass with heel protectors, allowing you to strut around lawned areas with ease.

4. Use veil weights

Avoid a windswept moment when you least expect it and use veil weights, which come in pearl and rhinestone varieties.

5. Apply hand cream before the ceremony

And allow your wedding ring to glide effortlessly on to your finger, avoiding any awkward moments at the altar. 

6. Close your mouth for the confetti exit

Spare yourself a mouthful of confetti by remembering to smile sweetly rather than gawping in amazement. 

7. Have a vase of water nearby for your bouquet

Minimise wilting and ensure your bouquet looks fresh all day long by placing it in water when not in use.

8. Create double-sided place names

Help your guests to remember people's names during the wedding breakfast.

9. Order an extra tier of wedding cake

Save yourself some weddding cake incase your guests polish off every piece before you have had chance to try it. 

10. Avoid tears by pinching yourself

When you're overcome with emotion, pinch the webbed piece of skin between your thumb and pointer finger... trust us, it works.