With sustainability an ever-pressing topic, it is becoming increasingly important that you consider your environmental impact when wedding planning 

There is a plethora of ways to make your wedding eco-friendly. Brides and grooms alike are becoming more aware of their environmental impact and are subsequently searching for more sustainable options for their special day.  

If you’re looking to put a green stamp on your wedding planning, there are several ways you can do it. 

A sustainable venue

When booking your dream venue, speak with the team to see what they can do to help you achieve an eco-friendly wedding. Some wedding venues are particularly environmentally minded and the team will clearly communicate their values from the outset.  

From reducing its carbon footprint and limiting the use of vehicles on-site, to prohibiting non-biodegradable confetti and encouraging biodiversity in the gardens and grounds, there are various ways a venue can work towards a better world.  

Also think about the location of your venue. A venue closer to the homes of you and your guests will inevitably cut down on transportation and journeys travelled. You could even transport guests en masse to your venue using coaches or buses so that their own vehicles can be left at home, while ensuring that everyone arrives promptly.  

Say yes to the dress

Buying from a local bridal designer will cut out the carbon-intensive import process, while also supporting local business. Alternatively, you could opt to buy a dress that has been made from recycled materials or fabrics that have been ethically sourced.  

Consider a pre-loved gown, whether that is one originally worn by a family member or friend, or one you have sourced online. You can even rent a wedding dress from various websites, which promote a more eco-friendly approach to fashion.  

Flower power

By opting for wedding flowers which are in season, you will be making a more eco-conscious choice. Dried flowers are also a more sustainable option and can be re-used and preserved for years to come when cared for correctly.  

Also consider how your displays are created and finished by investigating what ecological and biodegradable materials can be used, such as FSC-certified cardstock, soy-based ink and petroleum-free adhesive. The same applies to your cakemaker and stationery provider, who should also strive to lessen their environmental impact where possible. 

Props to you

Sustainably sourced props and wedding decorations is one option to consider. Instead of buying your own props that you are likely to throw away afterwards, create less waste by sourcing re-usable items from venue stylists and prop hire companies. These experts will be able to guide you and your partner, working with you both to create your desired wedding ambience. They can also assist in organising suppliers and venue dressing, while repurposing unused spaces in and around your venue.  

Embrace recycled items, typically sold on websites such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Sell My Wedding, and consider upcycling projects for a DIY touch. Your table plan is one such element that can be easily crafted by hand, allowing your imagination to run wild.  

A simple stationery suite

Stationery suites are vast and varied, offering a whole host of pre-wedding and on-the-day items to communicate with your guests and tie your wedding theme and colour scheme together. However, when choosing your stationery suite, it is best to consider what is really necessary to cut back on printing and paper usage.  

Invitations are typically an essential wedding item, but you could create your order of the day signage using a disused wooden pallet or your menu could be displayed on a chalk board for all to see. Think carefully and be prepared to get creative.  

Make me up

Many make-up brands are striving to be all vegan and cruelty-free. What you might not realise is how animals are used in the production of your bridal make-up products.  

Sunscreen, face lotions and other cosmetics can include gelatine, which is made from cow or pig bones. Some animal-based products can clog pores and irritate the skin, which is the last thing a bride wants on her wedding day.  

Vegan products with natural plant-based ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients, leaving the wearer with a smooth, glowing complexion. They can also work wonders for skin conditions such as eczema, acne and rosacea, or skin that’s too dry or oily.  

Eat fresh

When considering your wedding catering, choose a caterer that uses local produce. This cuts down on fossil fuels used to transport food, supports local traders and provides a tasty addition to your wedding menu.  

Research drinks, delicacies and cuisine specific to the region in which you’re getting married to give your guests a taste of the locality, while making a choice with the planet in mind.  

The gift of giving

Countless couples will have their marital home already set up and will prefer the gift of cash on their wedding day from their guests. While some couples may find it uncomfortable to request money, it is better to be clear on this from the outset as your guests will inevitably want to give you something. This also avoids any potentially wasted or unwanted gifts.  

Charity donations are also an effective way of asking your guests to give something back, and you won’t feel greedy for doing so. These can also be extended to your wedding favours with donations requested for your chosen charity, or offer guests miniature packets of wildflower seeds for planting to encourage a greener world.