Don't let rain get you down on your wedding day; plan ahead and make sure you're prepared whatever the weather 

If there's one thing every bride wishes for, it's for there to be no rain on her wedding day. However, there are several ways in which you can plan for bad weather to ensure it doesn't get the better of your big day. 

1. Stock up on umbrellas 

Don't fight the rain, embrace it. Buy on-theme umbrellas for your guests and make your outdoor wedding photos a creative opportunity. Splash out on an ultra special brolly for you and your partner, ideally a transparent design or one that stands out from the crowd. 

2. Find shelter 

If you are pinning your hopes on an outdoor drinks reception or al fresco entertainment, make sure there are sheltered areas available should the worst happen. A gazebo with tables and chairs can be useful on both sunny and rainy days, so speak to your venue about setting one up a day or two before the big day. 

3. Fight the frizz 

With wet weather comes the peril of frizzy, flyaway hair. Make sure you have a secret stash of hair products to hand incase you need a quick touch up during the day. 

4. Opt for waterproof mascara... and non-instant tan 

Steer clear of any beauty product that's guaranteed to run. Have a spray tan rather than using instant tan on the day, use waterproof mascara and seal in your look with a setting spray, such as Urban Decay's All-Nighter. Also, ensure you have your make-up bag on stand-by at the venue. 

5. Tell your guests 

Use your wedding website, social media or send an email to announce the forecast the week of the wedding. This way, guests can plan ahead and make any last-minute outfit changes if necessary.  

6. Ask your photographer 

Make sure your photographer has a wet weather contingency plan well before the big day. Professional photographers should always have back-up ideas and a good photographer will be able to confidently tell you exactly what he/she will do when faced with rain. Pose the question early on in your wedding planning to ensure you don't get caught out.  

7. Weatherproof the venue 

Doormats and runners should be issued for rainy days to ensure floors remain dry. Check with your venue to see what they can offer. If you are holding a marquee wedding, ask your supplier about flooring options to prevent any unwanted accidents. Wooden flooring is generally better than coconut matting, especially for guests wearing high heels. 

8. Consider your dress 

Prevent your dress from getting damaged come rain or shine by opting for an underskirt, which can be hooked up to avoid dragging your train. Not only will this save the day when rain arrives, but it will also minimise dirt and snagging. Request that your photographer carry a sheet for outdoor photos, to be placed on the floor for the bride and bridesmaids to stand on.  

9. Buy wellies 

A pair of bridal white, or coloured, wellies offers up another fantastic photo opportunity. Wellies also provide a welcome break from uncomfortable bridal shoes.  

10. Don't fret 

Whatever you're faced with come the big day, don't panic. Just enjoy every moment of your special day and you'll soon be singing in the rain.