When your wedding date is set, the venue booked and your guestlist confirmed, you can start to think about potential wedding themes, colour schemes and your wedding flowers.

Your flowers are a key part of your big day and the choices you make will be remembered for years to come, so think carefully about the look and feel of your florals with this beginner's guide. 

Where to start  

Once your wedding date has been set and your venue booked, you can start to think about the theme and colour scheme of your day. Whether you want big and blousy blooms befitting of a fairy tale, or a more unstructured combination of flowers and foliage for a bohemian-inspired celebration, let your style of wedding be your guide.

Start compiling a mood board of ideas and colour combinations to bring your vision to life.  

Consult the experts  

The options are endless when it comes to your wedding flowers, from bouquets and buttonholes to table centrepieces and flower walls, and no request is too big or small for an experienced florist.

They will have the expertise and knowledge to suggest flowers that match your colour scheme and reflect your theme. Research local florists and look out for customer reviews and recommendations before making your final choice.  

Think seasonal and sustainable

With sustainability an ever-pressing topic, it is important that you consider your environmental impact when wedding planning. By opting for wedding flowers which are in season, you will be making a more eco-conscious choice. Dried flowers are also a more sustainable option and can be re-used and preserved for years to come when cared for correctly.

Also consider how your displays are created and finished by investigating what eco-friendly and biodegradable materials can be used, such as FSC-certified cardstock, soy-based ink and petroleum-free adhesive.  

Go faux

Although not to everyone’s taste, artificial flowers – such as those made from silk and paper, can be just as impactful as the real deal and offer a particularly attractive option for allergy sufferers.

Faux flowers are also perfectly placed for a DIY wedding, allowing the couple to get creative and arrange their bouquets and displays themselves. However, while artificial flowers can prove to be more budget-friendly, it is worth spending out on more realistic varieties.