How to make it through your hen party with your dignity, sanity and well-being intact 

Your hen do will be one of the best parties of your life, but the celebrations may leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained – especially if they span a few days. Here are a few tips to ensure you feel sprightly in the run up to your hen party and continue to do so once the activities commence.  

1. Get your sleep in 

It goes without saying, that when you are well rested you will look and feel your best. So it is imperative that you get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep the night before your hen party.  

2. Eat clean in the run up 

Your hen party preparations can extend to your diet too. A healthy balanced diet which incorporates all the main food groups will stand you in good stead. Stock up on fruit and vegetables, as well as protein, carbohydrates and all the essential vitamins and minerals (a multi-vitamin supplement may be wise). 

3. Pace yourself 

Come the day of your hen party, you'll be hard pushed for a moment to yourself. With your adrenaline pumping and your mind and body in overdrive, it's essential that you take a breather and take a moment to fully appreciate all your hens' efforts. Take time out from the group, if only for 30 minutes, and collect your thoughts.  

4. Stay hydrated 

Hen parties usually include drunken debauchery as standard, which can even start the moment the hen party begins. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a non-alcoholic drink, preferably water, to ensure you don't peak too soon. 

5. Remember to eat 

Hen parties are typically non-stop with various activities planned throughout the day. However, this can make it difficult to fit in snack stops and allow for substantial mealtimes. Ask the chief hen party organiser to include breakfast, lunch and dinner in your itinerary to ensure everyone gets fed sufficiently at regular intervals.  

6. Bring flat shoes and comfy clothes 

Tight, restricted clothing and burning heels can take their toll on your body. Wear cosy, warm clothes and trainers or flat shoes to relax properly in between.  

7. Carry pain relief and replenishment 

A sore head the morning after the night before fills most people with dread, yet by bringing a stock of headache tablets and vitamin replenishment supplies you can take the edge off your hungover state.  

8. Take a walk 

Get out and about when you can and particularly after a heavy night of partying. The fresh air will awaken the senses and leave you feeling revived and refreshed. 

9. Leave time before you drive home 

If you travelled by car to your hen party destination, don't rush into hot-footing it back home. Ensure you have all had a hearty breakfast or lunch and are hydrated before the drive.

If you have been drinking alcohol the night before, it can take up to 12 hours to be considered safe to drive so take your time. If you're the driver and are feeling over-tired, have a nap before you leave and make regular stops throughout the journey.  

10. Take an extra day off 

It is worth booking the day after your hen party off work to fully recover. An extra day to catch up on sleep will do you the world of good and will also allow you time to reflect on the wonderful memories.