Make sure you remember your wedding morning for all the right reasons with this useful to-do list 

No matter how much you plan, the morning of your wedding will be unavoidably hectic as you prepare to get to the venue on time. In between hair, make-up and getting dressed, there will undoubtedly be a whirlwind of last-minute panics and frayed nerves.

To ensure you keep cool, calm and collected, here is a handy checklist to make your wedding morning go without a hitch. 

Eat breakfast 

Although it might be the last thing on your mind, make sure you line your stomach with a sufficient breakfast or snack. Opt for foods that will keep hunger pangs at bay such as porridge – or if a greasy fry-up calls, then so be it. 

Charge your phone 

Ensure your phone’s battery is fully charged to last the day. While you won’t be using it much, if you do want to take a photo or make a call then you won’t be desperately searching for a charger or plug point. 

Check your emergency kit 

Every bride needs a wedding emergency kit, containing all the things that you might need when caught off guard: plasters, safety pins, pain relief, sanitary products, tissues and a small sewing kit are the essentials. Pack your kit the week before your wedding and check that you or your bridesmaids have it to hand before you head off. 

Safeguard your something old, new, borrowed and blue 

Whether you have arranged all elements yourself or the bridal party has done it for you, you’ll need to take care of each component for the best of luck. Keep them close by you throughout the day; for example, slip on your blue garter, place your sixpence in your shoe, and wear your heirloom earrings with pride. 

Drink plenty of water 

While champagne may be in constant supply, it’s important to stay hydrated especially when adrenaline kicks in. Make a conscious effort to take regular sips of water to counteract nerves and tiredness. 

Give your bridesmaids their thank you gifts 

Surprise your bridesmaids with an early gift to show how much they mean to you (and to keep them on side with bridesmaid duties during the day). Alternatively, you can give the gifts out during the thank you speeches. 

Make time for your parents 

No matter how busy you are on the morning of the wedding, spend some quality time with your parents to show your appreciation. The bridal reveal to her father is always a wonderful photo opportunity, as is an arm in arm shot of mother and daughter. 

Get the photos you want taken 

Your wedding photographer will be busy snapping photos of you all getting ready, but if you want posed shots with certain members of the bridal party before the ceremony or close-ups of particular items then let him/her know. 

Raise a toast with the bridal party 

A final hurrah will serve as the perfect way to send you off into married life in suitably celebratory style. Sit down, relax and enjoy a drink with your bridesmaids, mum and dad as your carriage awaits. 

Answer the call of nature 

Before you depart for the ceremony, pay a visit to the Ladies to ensure you aren’t in an uncomfortable state for the next few hours. 

Once aboard your wedding transport, there’s no more left to do than to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, savouring your last few minutes as a Miss.