3 heartwarming events that show the kindness of people in Dorset

Looking back to Swanage - Photo by Edward Griffiths

Looking back to Swanage - Photo by Edward Griffiths - Credit: Archant

We featured this letter in our January 2015 issue. John West says the 3 situations demonstrated that Dorset is a special county with many warm hearted people.

Dear Dorset Magazine

My wife and I moved to Dorset eight years ago and fell in love with the beauty of the county and the warmth of its people. It was my pleasure to witness on three recent occasions the true spirit of Dorset people.

A visit to the Techno Shop at Castlepoint to resolve a problem with our iPad led my wife to apologise to the young assistant that we are old and a little on the slow side. He said that he did not accept age as a measure of life and felt fortunate that he had greater technical experience and that was the way he assesses life.

My second story relates to an incident in Tesco car park in Blandford on a warm sunny day. As I waited for my wife to complete the shopping I saw a very elderly couple loading their car. They then drove forward only to come to a stop blocking the entrance to the car park. Within seconds several drivers were there to help. One in particular immediately took the couple and their shopping into his car and told them not to worry. I heard him say “Your car will be safe and we will help you to get it put right. Now where do you live?”

The third story takes us to a local car park. I paid for one hour’s parking, only to find that the ticket printed out a 20 minute stay. To my surprise there was the car park attendant close by. With his lovely Dorset accent he assured me all was well and that I was to take my wife into town and buy her a nice cup of coffee and complete the shopping. He said, “I will be back in two and a half hours which gives you plenty of uninterrupted time.”

All three events demonstrated that Dorset is a special county with many warm hearted people.

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Yours sincerely

John West,

Anderson, Dorset


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