A day in the life of: Jessica Blake-Lobb, Marketing Manager

Jessica Blake-Lobb is the Marketing Manager at Chichester Festival Theatre. Here she talks us through her working day

9.15 First things first: I open my email and check the sales reports to prioritise the day, which could include briefing designers, booking advertising or planning campaigns.

9.50 The rest of the team arrives and a cup of tea goes down a treat as we catch up with inboxes and each other.

11.00 Time to say hello to the Box Office Team who open at 10am and will have got over the morning rush.

11.30 Proofing: the Festival 2011 brochure needs careful scrutiny before its announcement in February. My favourite time is the heart of the Festival in August, when it's possible to see four different shows in our two theatres over a weekend. It's incredible and brings a real buzz. 

13.00 Lunchtime: I pop into Chichester or perhaps have a bite in the Theatre's restaurant, The Brasserie in the Park.

14.30 I meet with the Learning and Participation Department to get up to date on their latest work with the community around us.

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17.00 Teatime again - perhaps even a biscuit - with the whole team as we discuss any upcoming events and looming deadlines.

18.30 Press Night: Moscow City Ballet tonight and we make our way to the Festival Theatre to meet and greet the press at a pre-show reception. Then the performance begins!

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