When do people born on February 29 usually celebrate their birthday?

Keira Knight

Keira Knight - Credit: Archant

This year people born on February 29 will be leaping for joy at the prospect of celebrating on their actual birth date | Words: Simone Hellyer - Photos: Douglas Kurn

The lowdown: Leap years are curious things - cropping up every four years with an extra date in the diary. If, like us, you've never questioned why, you may be interested to know that it's all in the interests of keeping our seasons in check.

According to some googling, the 365-day year doesn't quite match up with the true year, as defined by how long it takes the Earth to complete one orbit around the sun. This means that at the 365-day mark, Earth hasn't quite circled all the way back to its starting point and without a leap year our seasons would continually fall out of whack.

But what does all this mean for people born on February 29? When do they celebrate their birthday? We caught up with Keira Knight-Reynolds from Chertsey to find out.

Keira was born on February 29 and is due to turn 16 this year, meaning this is only the fourth year that she has gotten to celebrate on her real birth date.

But that doesn't mean that she's gone without one every other year, instead choosing to celebrate on February 28. Keira's mum Samantha says: "Because her birthday is the 29th we are often asked if she celebrates on the 28th or March 1.

"We celebrate on the 28th personally as it's in the same month. Seems silly to me to celebrate in March, but then we end up doing something on March 1 anyway (just because she can)."

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Pictured above on Dumsey Meadow near her home, Keira is now in her last year of school and is planning on studying either media or catering at college next year.

Her mum says: "She is diagnosed with ADHD and dyspraxia and has a speech and language delay which has improved greatly since joining her school in Year 7.

"Her main love has always been animals and she has recently gotten into thinking about and giving her opinion on environmental issues, often telling me not to buy plastic."

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