Why life is good in Knutsford for Adam Rickitt

Adam Rickitt and his wife Katy Fawcett, a news correspondent for Good Morning Britain. in their Knut

Adam Rickitt and his wife Katy Fawcett, a news correspondent for Good Morning Britain. in their Knutsford craft beer and gin bar, Dexter & Jones Credit: @dexterandjones - Credit: Archant

Soap star Adam Rickitt tells us why he loves his Cheshire life

Adam Rickitt is so happy to call Knutsford home
Photo: Tony Blake

Adam Rickitt is so happy to call Knutsford home Photo: Tony Blake - Credit: Tony Blake

Where do you live and why?

I live in Knutsford. I was born and bred down the road in Cuddington, but every Saturday without fail for 15 years we came to Knutsford for lunch at the then David’s Place. The town has always been like home for me and despite living all over the world, I knew this was where my forever home would be…

Where do you head for a health kick?

My shed! I have turned it in to a mini gym with crosstrainers for both me and my wife, Katy. I used to run 10 miles every day, but my knees took a hammering so it works better for me this way. Also a daily hour’s romp around Tatton Park with the dogs blows away the cobwebs.

And to indulge?

Honestly – the butchers! Woods on Princess Street does insanely good meat, and I am allergic to starch and essentially live on protein and green veg, so getting the quality you get there makes it a no brainer. Eating out? It used to be Jack Rabbit’s BBQ on Kings Street. I was literally in mourning for six months when they shut. Now, as we’re so busy with our bar and shop, Dexter & Jones, it’s a real treat to have a takeaway from Eastern Revive after our shift.

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Where are your favourite places to shop?

Well I own a gin and craft beer shop…so essentially shop in there all day! Also I enjoy shopping finding new breweries and distillers of great beers and gins. The main thing for us is always trying to support the little guys and help find those undiscovered gems.

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Where do you go to relax?

Tatton Park. Even in the foulest of weather walking around there with the dogs is the one time I can feel shut off from everything…it’s beautiful.

What do you miss most about Cheshire when you are away?

The greenery and the people. I’ve lived in LA and London and the sense of dirt, constant drama and stress is just so soul destroying. I far prefer the ability we have here to step back when we feel like it, with such beautiful market towns to enjoy, but then close enough to the city when we want it…

What is your happy place?

I am never happier than when I’m sat in Dexter and Jones, seeing people’s reactions when they try all our new offerings.

You recently completed filming a heart-breaking storyline in Hollyoaks, where your character Kyle Kelly, who has long struggled with mental health, tragically commits suicide. How does it feel to have been able to bring such powerful messages to your audience and how do you balance such tough emotional demands with your life at home?

To be honest it was scary, especially when lockdown started, knowing what people were going through, to have such an impacting storyline air, but in truth I think it was the perfect time and it really has helped some people. Filming it for the first three months of the year was tough as it was constant misery for 16 hours a day six days a week, but that’s the beauty of acting – you can submerse yourself in a character and yet step away when you leave set.

Can you sum up your Cheshire life, in three words?

Family, home, fun.

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