Dawn Ward reveals her beauty secrets and her favourite places to eat in Cheshire

Dawn Ward

Dawn Ward - Credit: Archant

Real Housewife of Cheshire Dawn Ward reveals her secret to looking good (and it’s not just because she has her very own beauty clinic at her Great Warford home!)


Basing an aesthetic beauty clinic in your home sounds like the ultimate luxury but hard-working Housewife of Cheshire star Dawn Ward insists she just hasn’t got the time to have regular treatments.

Between shoots for the hit TV show she’s a mother of four with an interior design business as well as her newest venture, Skulpt, which specialises in non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

The clinic is a destination for modern women (and men) who, like Dawn are determined not to grow old too gracefully but don’t want to go under the surgeon’s knife.

‘Times have changed. There was a day when nobody coloured their hair but you’ve got to move with the times,’ she exclaims.

‘People are becoming more conscious of the way they look and the old saying grow old gracefully doesn’t have to be any more. I’m not the kind to grow old gracefully.’

Dawn, who has been married to former footballer Ashley Ward for over 20 years says that she’s often targeted on social media by people who say she’s had lots of surgery.

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‘I’ve had my boobs done and that’s it. I say “If I’ve had surgery I want my money back” ‘she says with a laugh.

‘I’ve always liked aesthetics. It is something I have always been into and then I thought I’d love my own clinic. I wanted to build a brand and be the very best of aesthetics. The machines are getting so much better, so much so that I believe there’ll be fewer people having plastic surgery in the future.

‘I’ve got a very big house and I thought if I could get a good team on board I could do it.’

Her personal favourites are the Hifu skin tightening machine which uses high intensity focused infrasound to tighten skin and which Dawn used after her recent hysterectomy to deal with her post-surgery body.

She’s also massively proud of becoming the first clinic in the UK to have the Cool Laser which has famously been used by the Kardashians.

‘It is used to remove stretch marks, pigmentation and sun damage. It can also be used on black and Asian skin,’ explains Dawn.


‘We also do a lot of stuff for the skin. We do a red carpet facial - it’s unbelievable. A 20 minute treatment and it makes you look flawless. We do LED light facials. We do facials but they are not like the ones you’d get at the beauticians. You go to the beauticians and it’s very relaxing, it feels lovely but the second you get in the shower you’ve basically washed your £60 down the plughole. The stuff we do might not be relaxing but it works. ‘

Aside from non-surgical treatments, the secret to Dawn’s glamorous look is down to diligent skin care.

‘Always take your make-up off at night. If ever I get spots it’s because I’ve fallen asleep with my make-up on,’ she reveals.

‘I just basically wash cleanse and moisturise my face twice a day and put night cream on in the evening. Obviously, drinking a lot of water helps too.

‘I’ve always tried to make myself look the best I can. I’ve never been one to scrape my hair back into a ponytail and head for the school gates. I’m not very good without make-up. I often get asked if I’m unwell if I go without!’

She says that being in the public eye (The Real Housewives of Cheshire is now shown in 19 countries worldwide) hasn’t really had an impact on her beauty regime.


‘What has been different being on television is I don’t tend to go out without make-up on as much as I once did. I’m frightened to death of being stopped and asked for a selfie and I don’t want to say no and look like a big time Charlie,’ she laughs.

‘Although, if I went out with no make-up on they probably wouldn’t realise it was Dawn Ward, a Real Housewife of Cheshire anyway, they wouldn’t recognise me.’

She admits that she’ll change her jewellery, she’ll change her hair but she won’t change her make-up.

‘I drive my make-up artist mad,’ she says.

‘I’m not very good at change. I’m stuck in the 70s. I’ve always had my heavy eyes, same make-up, same colours. I’m not quite confident enough to start taking the eyes down yet. I love the glamorous look personally. And while I can still carry it off, I’m clinging onto it. There may be an age where I’ll have my hair a little bit shorter and the make- up will get less but I don’t think I’m quite at that point yet...not far off but while I can still wear the big hair and the big eyes I’m wearing it.’

Dawn had just finished filming season six of the Real Housewives of Cheshire, a show which has transformed her into a household name.

‘I never thought it would be as big as it is, but every season it gets bigger and bigger,’ she says.

‘It feels crazy but I think it’s amazing for Cheshire. Why wouldn’t it be? Cheshire has always been well-known but it shows it to be the beautiful county it is. It’s very glamorous and I think it has definitely done good for the hotels, businesses and restaurants. I think it can only be good for Cheshire.’

When she’s not filming the show or taking care of her various businesses and charity ventures including the glitzy annual Creme de la Creme Ball, Dawn can be found at her favourite local haunts.

‘I’ve got to say my absolute favourite place is the Dog at Peover. I’m in there as much as I’m in my kitchen,’ she admits.

‘ I love Piccolino and Chilli Banana. But I do really, really love Knutsford a lot. I love the place, the people, it’s a little but quieter. Ashley and I go at least once a week to the Indian there, Mughli ‘

Skulpt are the EXCLUSIVE clinic in the UK to house the Cool Laser, made famous by the Kardashians.

What is Cool Laser?

The Cool Laser is a new treatment that has not yet been offered in the UK.

Used in some of the most exclusive clinics in Beverley Hills - Epione and Simon Ourian and also Jason Emer. Cool Laser utilises an advanced laser platform that helps improve skin tone, remove pigmentation and treat white stretch marks.

Due to the nature of the laser, it has a wide variety of treatments that can be quite transformational - skin resurfacing, reverse sun damage, treat dark patches underneath eyes, remove fine lines and wrinkles

Warford Hall, Warford Hall Drive, Merrymans Lane, Great Warford, Cheshire SK9 7TP

01565 745680 www.weareskulpt.co.uk