Frankie Bridge on Cobham life and being an Epsom Derby Day ambassador

Frankie Bridge will join a host of Surrey mums taking a break from parenting duties at next month's

Frankie Bridge will join a host of Surrey mums taking a break from parenting duties at next month's Epsom Derby Festival - Credit: Sane Seven -

Move over Frankie Dettori; this Derby Day, a new Frankie is set to be the talk of Epsom town. She’s glamorous, intelligent and loves a day out at Bocketts Farm; Lauren Stone meets Frankie Bridge – member of girl band The Saturdays, presenter, Strictly Come Dancing star and this year’s Investec Derby Day ambassador.

“I forgot my son’s packed lunch this morning for his nursery trip”, confesses flustered mum of two Frankie, as I arrive in her make-up room at Epsom Racecourse. “I just need to call Wayne [Bridge] to get him to make one and drop it in.”

She may have been in the limelight since the age of 11 when she joined teen-band S Club Juniors, but Frankie is refreshingly grounded and, despite her glittering career, is first and foremost a mum to her two sons, four-year-old Parker and two-year-old Carter.

Having moved from her native Essex to Cobham seven years ago to be with her husband, retired footballer, Wayne Bridge, Frankie can’t think of anywhere better to raise her family. “It’s so so lovely here, it’s just so pretty, and you’re in the country, but it’s also easy to get into to London and the airports. We’re always at Bocketts Farm or Hobbledown, and the boys really love going to AirHop, that trampoline place in Guildford.”

It’s no wonder then that Frankie jumped at the chance to represent such an iconic local event as Derby Day, and is a fitting choice given The Jockey Club’s marketing theme for the 2018 event: The Supreme Test of the Racehorse and the Wardrobe.

“The wonderful thing for me is that it’s a local event, and it’s fun! You get to dress up with all your mates, watch the races and get involved in a bit of friendly competition,” chuckles Frankie.

“I’ve never been to Derby Day before, so I can’t wait, and Wayne loves the races.

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“I have got no idea what I’m going to wear either. The headpiece thing is pretty weird for me as I’ve mainly had short hair, so have never worn a hat. I think it’s gonna have to be a fascinator,” she muses. “Oh, I’m excited now and a little nervous; I’ve got no idea what I’ll look like!”

But surely the Saturdays’ style icon (let’s face it, who hasn’t gone into the hairdressers and asked for a ‘Frankie crop’ at one point) is no stranger to slapping on the lippy and squeezing into sexy-little-numbers – so how hard can it be?

“Believe it or not, I’m really not all that girly,” explains Frankie flickering her eyes as the make-up artist attempts to apply fake lashes. “Especially being a mum, I rarely put on a dress. I guess my style is that I like to look like I haven’t made too much of an effort. I’d hate people to think I’ve spent three hours getting ready, even if I have,” she laughs.

So come on then, Frankie, tell us your secret; there’s a whole county of fellow mums out there dying to achieve effortless beauty…

“It’s all in the skin,” she admits. “As a mum, achieving glowing skin when you’ve been up all night is pretty hard. I just try as hard as I can to take care of mine with regular moisturising and drinking lots of water. I don’t really have any tricks, just find that a bit of concealer and some lip balm in the morning sets me on the right track.”

Only three months in, and 2018 is looking set to be a big year for Frankie, who is already signed up to perform in Disney on Ice.

“I decided that this year I was really going to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn new things. The boys are really excited to watch me in Disney on Ice. I don’t usually take them on work things as I feel like it’d be more for me than them,” she confesses. “Life is always a juggle, my work isn’t nine-to-five, so it’s really hard to plan my weeks out, but luckily Wayne is retired now, and we have both sets of grandparents around to help out.

“Of course, I get that mum guilt every day like any other mum, but I have accepted I can’t be on top of everything all of the time. In terms of the boys, I just try to keep their routine as stable and consistent as possible. They both go to nursery now, which helps, and Parker plays football at Leatherhead Youth on a Saturday morning – if he’s in the mood!”

So you wouldn’t want the boys to follow in your famous footsteps?

“That’s a really hard question. My parents had a really hard decision to make for me, but they weren’t pushy at all, and the biggest thing for me is that I still have all my old school friends. I’d never say no to the boys, but I would want to keep their school life up too.”

Rumour has it that 2018 could also see the launch of Frankie’s solo career. Not giving anything away, Frankie smiles coyly and shrugs when I ask her to reveal all, so I guess the bets are on!

My Favourite Surrey

• View: With all those walks I get to go on [she chuckles], it’s got to be the view from the top of Box Hill. I love it up there; it’s so peaceful.

• Place of interest: There is so much in Surrey, but I guess Hampton Court is great; there is something to do for all the family.

• Restaurant: Wayne and I have just discovered The Dining Room Japanese grill at the Beaverbrook Hotel in Leatherhead. I don’t even like sushi, I just have the cooked stuff, but they do this spicy, crispy tuna, which I have only ever found at this place in LA or in Nobu. It’s amazing!

• Shopping: Guildford is good for shopping as it has a great selection of stores. Or I really loved wandering around the shops at Wimbledon Village, not that I have had a chance to do that in ages.

• Place to relax: I’d probably say my most relaxing time is having a takeaway at home with our mates. I love a chilled night in, but not cooking. I always give it a go, but I have a running joke on my Instagram feed of how rubbish I am in the kitchen.

The Investec Derby Festival 2018

The Investec Derby is renowned as the greatest flat race in the world. The prize money for this year’s race, on Saturday, June 2, is a minimum of £1.5m, making it the richest race in Britain.

It is also one of the biggest social events in the British calendar, attended each year by Her Majesty The Queen.

Investec Ladies Day, on Friday, June 1, features the annual Style Award (judged by Vogue Williams), which gives fashionistas the chance of taking home a host of top prizes.

Tickets start from £7.50 on Ladies Day and £10 on Derby Day for the outer enclosures and £55 and £60 respectively for the grandstand. The Hill is accessible free of charge on both days of the festival.

For further information and tickets: 0344 579 3004 or


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