Real Housewife Hanna Kinsella on Halloween fun with her boys

Martin Kinsella sitting with laptop and Hanna standing to his right, in their dining room

It's been great working with Martin on the new online clinic for his bio-identical hormone replacement therapy - Credit: ChicPR

Working with my hubby 

Hormones control so much that goes on in our body, from our heart to our skin and immune system, but as we age they deplete and we can really feel the effects of that. Women start to experience the menopause and men, over a longer period of time, notice a drop in testosterone levels and other hormones.  

Readers may know that Martin does a lot of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with his patients, but now we’re developing an app-based online virtual clinic together, which is so easy to use. 

We’ve both been working hard to create something that’s really simple and straightforward and hopefully this will allow everyone and anyone to access the treatment they need to get back to their normal selves again. 

So proud of my team

It’s always nice to be able to share some good news and I’ve had a double reason to celebrate because Kiln Lane Surgery has been nominated for two prestigious industry awards. 

Hanna Kinsella in black dental clothes

I am so proud Kiln Lane has been nominated for two awards! - Credit: ChicPR

For the third year in a row, we’ve been shortlisted in the Private Dentistry Awards, which in our profession is like being up for a BAFTA or a Brit Award. We’ve been nominated for Best Team and Best Practice in the North West and, with only five finalists across the whole country, that in itself is a massive achievement. 

The Kiln Lane Dental team, with Hanna, at Menagerie in Manchester

The Kiln Lane Dental team celebrating our two industry award nominations - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

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It’s been such a difficult time during the pandemic, but everyone at Kiln Lane worked hard and pulled together. They’re fantastic, so it was great to be able to go out on a team night out at Menagerie in Salford to celebrate the awards nominations. 

Milestone moments 

Max is eight months old now and he’s well into eating solid food which he loves, although he seems less keen on standing up at the moment! 

Like lots of new mums, I find it hard not to compare what he’s doing with my friends’ babies who are a similar age, and I know quite a lot of them are managing to pull themselves up already. Max isn’t doing that just yet, but he’s sitting up and hitting all his milestones so he’s obviously just taking his time. 

Hanna as Cruella de Vil, and baby Max and Martin Kinsella dressed as dalamation dogs in furry costumes

We loved our first Halloween with Max! - Credit: ChicPR

We really enjoyed our first Halloween since Max was born. We went all out as a family and went along to the Drum & Monkey pub in Alderley Edge for their Halloween party – with me as Cruella De Vil and Max and Martin dalmatians! 

All the goss... 

Real Housewives is back on ITVBe for its 14th season and, as anyone who’s watched the first few episodes will know, it got off to quite a rocky start for me. 

Hanna Kinsella, Lystra Adams, Rachel Lugo and Lauren Simon

It's fun to be back with the RHOCH girls - Credit: ChicPR

A few of the other girls had an issue with my book, Brains Are The New Tits – especially the title and the book cover. The book is an inspirational, motivational read for young women, encouraging them to follow their dreams, and the title is meant in a tongue-in-cheek way; I never intended it to cause any tension or upset. 

On the more positive side, I’m so happy that Sheena, who’s married to Boyzone’s Shane Lynch, has joined the show because they’re a lovely couple and Martin and I really get on well with them.