Hanna Kinsella: my July diary

Martin and Hanna at Dr Kinsella Skincare launch, Manchester

I was so proud when we launched Martin's new skincare range - Dr Kinsella Skin - in Manchester - Credit: ER Photography

Oh we have packed in a lot  this month, and with a tiny baby in tow, too!

Life with our new baby Kimia has been lovely so far, I feel like I’m really enjoying it and taking it all in. 

Martin Kinsella, Max, Kimia and Hanna Kinsella

We're still adjusting to life with Kimia, but she's just a joy and we're so happy - Credit: The Newborn Emporium

It’s a lot easier because I’m not as nervous second time round, I feel like I know what I’m doing more especially because it only feels like yesterday that Max was a newborn, so it’s all very fresh in my head. 

I’m lucky, I have got a lot of help but there are still times when it can be difficult juggling two babies under two, especially at night. Max has been teething so he’s been up at night and Kimia is up every three hours which can be very tiring, but I try to make sure I get some sleep whenever it’s possible. 

Find your balance 

I’m still learning to balance work and being a mum, but I have a few tips to share, if you’re heading to new motherhood. 

Hanna Kinsella and Kimia

I have learned that accepting help doesn't make me a less good mum - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

Accept help: I found this so hard at first because I felt like I wasn’t a good mum if I got help. But when I did finally accept that I needed it, and we got a nanny, it was the best thing I ever did. I know not everyone can be fortunate enough to have one, but if you’ve got grandparents, friends, family around, don’t be afraid to accept help from them, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. 

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Delegate: We can all be guilty of thinking we’re always the best person for the job and no-one else can do it like we can, but in business that’s what a strong team is there for and you need to delegate. 

Sleep when you can: I have broken sleep pretty much every night, and I’m still running businesses so my head needs to be functioning. I just try to grab a couple of hours here and there when I can. 

Find a routine that works best for you: Martin loves going to the gym and he used to go in the mornings before work, but I found I really needed him at 8am so the old routine wasn’t good for us. We rejigged it and now he goes after work which makes things a lot easier. 

Baby’s first holiday

Our friends John and Katie invited us to their wedding in Marbella at the beautiful Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Hotel. Martin was an usher and we had a fabulous time. 

Hanna and Martin Kinsella, Marbella wedding

We had the best time in Marbella, at the wonderful wedding of two dear friends - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

We went for three nights; Max stayed with his grandparents and we took Kimia with us. It was Kimia’s first time abroad, she was only six weeks old, but she slept on the plane and she was fine. 

We took our portable Milton steriliser and we got a Nuna buggy which we used to take her everywhere in Marbella. It was fantastic and I’d really recommend it for anyone going on holiday with a newborn. 

Because I’ve only just given birth, I didn’t feel too confident about my body but I wore a Kirsty Doyle cape-style long dress which was loose-fitting and super-cool so I felt really comfortable in it. 

So proud! 

We recently had our Dr Kinsella Skin launch at the Edwardian Hotel in Manchester. Our PR team, Chic PR, organised an absolutely fantastic event, which we were really proud of. 

Hanna and Martin Kinsella at Dr Kinsella Skin launch party

Oh we had the best time at the Dr Kinsella Skin launch party! - Credit: ER Photography

Lots of celebrities, clients, and friends attended. We had a DJ, cocktails and canapes, a try-out area where people could test the products, and lovely gift bags. 

This skincare range is Martin’s baby. There’s a face cream for all types of skin, an under-eye serum specifically for dark circles and pigmentation and to firm the skin around the eye, and a glow oil which gives you that dewy glow. 

We’re excited about the brand and its future and we’ve had lots of positive feedback already so it’s reassuring to know people are really enjoying using the products.