Real Housewife Hanna Kinsella's monthly column: June 2022

Hanna leans over Moses basket with new baby

Welcome baby girl - Credit: MK

Hanna and Martin have welcomed their new baby girl, and it all went precisely to plan

She’s here! It’s been a great experience, and I think a lot of that was due to being quite prepared, with lots of planning beforehand, so I thought this month I’d share how I did it, in case any other expectant mums out there find it useful. 

Hanna holding brand new born baby girl Kinsella

The first cuddle... - Credit: MK

Preparing for our new baby felt much easier this time around because we’d kept quite a lot of the things we used for Max. We’ll definitely be reusing the mamaRoo rocker, which Max really liked, and also a couple of his toys that we put in the cot at night which play womb sounds. Max and the new baby will be sharing the same nursery and luckily when we first decorated 14 months ago it was pretty gender neutral; it’s a woodland scene, so we’ve not had to change anything, just add in newborn things like the Moses basket. It’s just a good job we didn’t paint the whole thing blue!

Look after yourself 

One of my biggest pieces of advice for any new mum is not to put too much pressure on yourself. If you’ve got the offer of help, don’t feel guilty, take it. We’ve got my parents and Martin’s parents, so we’ve got a lot of support, which I know a lot of people don’t have and we really appreciate that. This time around we decided we wanted to move in with my mum and dad for a week for the extra help and it’s been the best thing we could have done. 

Hanna shows Max his new sister, in her Moses basket

Introducing Max to his new baby sister has been a joy; I think they'll be best friends - Credit: MK

Initially I’m sure it will be quite difficult having two under two, but as they grow up I think they’ll be best friends and good playmates for each other so now the baby’s here I’m actually really happy they’re so close together. 

Pack smart 

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Your hospital bag is likely to vary depending on the type of birth - with Max I was planning to have a natural birth so my bag was slightly different to this one, which was a planned Caesarean. 

Hanna in hospital before the caesarean

A planned caesarean, due to complications with the birth of Max, allowed me to plan everything - Credit: HK

I did an internet search on baby bag accessories beforehand and these little zipped pouches came up, with things written on them like ‘baby’s first outfit’ and ‘mummy’s bits and bobs’ so I bought those and just packed everything according to what it said on the pouch. After the birth, when I couldn’t get up, I could just tell Martin or the nurses which pouch to look for and where everything was. 

Be prepared 

When I went into hospital this time, even though I had the intention of breastfeeding, I decided to take some Aptamil Ready To Feed bottles with me because I’d had trouble feeding Max. I didn’t end up needing them in hospital, but I’m combination feeding and they’ve been so handy at home because they come with a little teat and there’s no need to sterilise. 

Hanna and Martin carry new baby Kinsella out of hospital

Going home to be a family of four - Credit: MK

I took an eye mask to wear at night because it can be quite bright in hospitals, and a hand-held electric fan which is useful when you get all hot and bothered! I packed lots of high-energy snacks like protein bars too. I also took maternity pads, woolly socks and, because I had a Caesarean, some high-waisted knickers for me. 

Because obviously this time it’s a girl, I did love being able to go shopping for lots of nice little pink babygrows. There’s a company called Little Dinkers that does zip-up babygrows, which I’d recommend to any new mum because I find them less fiddly to get on and off than the ones with poppers. 

The only other thing was my iPad so I had something to watch - not that you have much time to watch anything in between the baby being asleep and you being asleep!