Real Housewife Hanna on her new pregnancy and her plans for Christmas

Hanna and Martin, all dressed up, with Martin cupping Hanna's pregancy bump

We're so excited! - Credit: Chic PR

Martin and I were really happy to be able to share the news that we’re expecting our second baby and I’m coming into month four now. I’ve been very lucky with this pregnancy because I haven’t had any symptoms or been ill with it. I’ve felt tired but not really experienced much morning sickness, cravings or anything like that so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything is going well and I’ve avoided the worst.

Martin and Hanna with scan photos

Martin and I are thrilled to be pregnant again - Credit: ChicPR

We had our 12-week scan and everything looks healthy and normal so we’re just really excited to be expecting a little boy or girl. At the moment we don’t know what we’re having but we’re definitely thinking we want to find out the sex of the baby before the birth this time around, just because I’m so impatient! 

First Christmas 

Hanna Kinsella, holding her new bump and baby Max

He's going to be a big brother! - Credit: CHICPR

This will be Max’s first Christmas so we’ll be spending Christmas Day at Martin’s parents for a lovely family Christmas together. We’ve got Max a little bauble for the tree and we’ve got matching pyjamas so we’ve already got our present-opening outfits sorted! We’ve got the Christmas Company coming in to decorate our house again, and we’ve gone for a monochrome look this year, so that should help make it really special. My brother lives in Dubai so we’re going there after Christmas with my mum and dad and spending the New Year at the Ritz in Dubai, which should be amazing and we are so excited for some family time. The three of us are then having a family holiday around SE Asia and I’m really looking forward to that quality time together. 

Expert opinion 

Hanna doing dental exam

It's even more important to maintain good dental hygiene during pregnancy - Credit: CHIC PR

I was invited to speak on GB News about dentistry in pregnancy, which is such an important topic because lots of pregnant women suffer with teeth and gum problems. During pregnancy women can become more prone to a condition called gingivitis, and notice their gums feeling more inflamed or tending to bleed more with brushing. Gingivitis is caused by plaque or bacteria sitting between the tooth and gum so pregnant women should keep on top of oral hygiene, brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. Pregnant ladies might also experience pyogenic granuloma, which is a red lump on the gum that bleeds when brushing or if it’s touched. If you notice you’ve got one of these, it’s a good idea to see the dentist. 

Pop it on your list... 

Hanna with Icy Bear toothpaste

The gift that keeps on giving! - Credit: ChicPR

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It’s that time of year when everyone’s looking for original gift ideas … so we’ve created one!  We’re really excited to be launching our Power Smile campaign with Icy Bear Dental, and that includes our Power Smile Bundles. They bring together all three Icy Bear Dental products – electric toothbrush, whitening toothpaste and whitening strips. Our campaign really focuses on how important it is to not only have nice looking teeth, but also healthy teeth as well. And it’s all based around real people, real smiles and real results, which we feel very passionate about. It’s been an amazing journey so far, watching the brand grow, and we’ve recently signed for our new office space which will be designed by Stephanie Moreton from Anoushka Designs.