Diary of a Real Housewife

Hanna and Martin Kinsella, with baby Max, and Martin holding a pink baby vest

We're so excited meet our new baby. Not long now! - Credit: Chic PR

With just weeks to go before Hanna's new baby arrives, she's at last squeezing me-time into her crazy schedule

I know I talk a lot about Kiln Lane, about Icy Bear and Dr Kinsella Skin, but when you put so much of yourself into something it can be all-consuming. I am so thrilled with everything I can’t stop talking though! My work-babies will always take second place to my family, of course – but that doesn’t mean I can’t be all proud mama about them all! All mums work hard – motherhood is hard work, believing you can ever get it right is impossible, as you will always second-guess yourself, but I believe if I do what I think is right for me, for my family, I won’t have any regrets. I am at last taking it a little easier, though - I think it’s important to listen to your body and take a bit of time out for yourself, especially towards the end of pregnancy. I’ve booked a couple of massages and I also go to pregnancy reflexology with Helen Day, who’s based in Wilmslow. She’s great and is getting me relaxed for round two! 

Once the baby arrives I’m definitely going to try and take some time out. I want to enjoy the newborn stage and I’m really looking forward to going back into the baby bubble. I really want to cherish every moment. 

Party night 

We’re super-excited to be hosting a big launch party for Dr Kinsella Skin which will be held at The Edwardian Hotel in Manchester. 

Hanna Kinsella in a white suit

We're planning a party! - Credit: ChicPR

It’s going to give us an opportunity to showcase the products, Martin will be doing a presentation, there’ll be entertainment and we’ve got a celebrity guest list so we’re really looking forward to the event – and everyone will go home with amazing goody bags so they can be the first to try Dr Kinsella Skin for themselves. 

We’re really proud to say that all the products in the new range – an eye serum, face cream, and glow oil – are vegan-friendly, environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free, and they have a unique blend of ingredients which includes CBD so they’re genuinely innovative in the skincare market. 

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Last weeks..! 

I’m getting towards the end of my pregnancy now, less than five weeks to go, and I feel a bit more prepared this time because it’s a planned C-section so I’ve got a date in the diary! 

Hanna Kinsella with her baby boy, Max

I love spending time with my boy and can't wait to introduce him to his sister - Credit: ChicPR

With Max I went through a very long labour and had to have an emergency C-section so hopefully this will be a lot more controlled and easier for me. 

I’ve got pretty much everything I need for the new baby, just a few more little bits and pieces to shop for, but I’ve got my hospital bag ready and packed. I’ve also got my double buggy from Newbie & Me which I can’t wait to go and pick up. 

I probably haven’t done as much prep myself this time, just a bit of pregnancy yoga, but even though it’s flown by I do feel ready for our new arrival. 

Coming soon... 

We’ve got a fabulous new product that we’re going to be launching with Icy Bear soon. It’s going to be an at-home whitening system which uses an enhanced formula to whiten the teeth up to eight shades whiter within seven days. 

Three smiling women with very white teeth, promoting Icy Bear teeth whitening

I am so excited to launch the new Icy Bear product! - Credit: ChicPR

It’s been clinically tested and proven, and I’ve worked very hard with the manufacturers to develop a system that’s effective, safe and affordable too. 

We’ve come such a long way since we launched Icy Bear; we are now in talks with several big retailers to get the product out into shops, which is very exciting and, after our recent campaign photoshoot, we’re planning to have another shoot at the end of the year with a couple more cutting-edge products we’ve got in the pipeline. 

We start filming the new series of Housewives on April 18, that will be airing in September, and there’s also another spin-off show that will be filmed alongside it which we’re really looking forward to – all will be revealed soon!