Cheshire Real Housewife Hanna Kinsella reveals her September plans

Hanna Kinsella has her own private dental practice, Kiln Lane Dental

Hanna Kinsella has her own private dental practice, Kiln Lane Dental - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

Our monthly diarist, Real Housewife Hanna Kinsella, has big plans for a busy September

What an amazing summer it’s been. I already need a break! 

I just launched my Icy Bear electric toothbrush - Hanna Kinsella

I just launched my Icy Bear electric toothbrush - Credit: Chic PR

September is looking super busy for both myself and Martin, and I am getting the feeling from everyone I speak with that people are feeling very positive about ‘new starts’ and are gearing up with new projects, jobs and business ventures. There is a real energy now that we’ve come out of lockdown and have had a summer break to recharge after a terrible time.   

By the time you read this I will have started back at work at my beloved Kiln Lane Surgery. I can’t wait to see the team, get to know the newer members of staff, and see all my lovely patients. It’s going to be very good to go back to what I love, and that is dentistry. I have such a fantastic, hard-working team at Kiln Lane and feel very lucky to work with so many quality professionals. 

A personal passion 

Hanna Kinsella dentist

I just love being a dentist - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

I was very lucky to appear on the TV news recently talking about children’s dentistry and trying to help improve children’s oral health. I’ve always been interested in children’s teeth as a dentist and cosmetic dentist, and now having Max I feel that I can really spearhead an interest in trying to change the current figures on childhood tooth decay, which are that one-in-five children has at least one decayed tooth and, shockingly, the highest number of general anaesthetics undertaken on children under the age of five is from dental extractions. I worked in paediatric dentistry during my training, and was saddened by the avoidable pain and misery so many children were going though, so raising awareness of paediatric dentistry and caring for children’s teeth is something that I feel passionate about. 

A solid start 

Max Kinsella weaning

Weaning Max is proving fun for us both! - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

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I’ve started weaning Max and he’s loving it! I’ve gone for a combination of baby-lead weaning, where he can munch on healthy finger foods safe for his age, and pureeing fruits and vegetables. I have been having creating my own recipes so see what he likes and dislikes. He’s enjoyed broccoli and cucumber so far and he loves the Ella’s Kitchen pouches, which really helps me out time-wise. He’s started nursery in Altrincham and has settled in so, so well. We are very proud of him; he’s just the cutest little boy. He loves playing with his toys, he’ll smile at us all the time, he’s just so good and every day and every new little achievement just makes my heart sing. 

Mama bear on tour 

Hanna and Max at Mama Society

I am so happy to be part of Mama Society! - Credit: Mama Society/Hanna Kinsella

I recently teamed up with Mama Society and we’ve been running parent and baby events at some gorgeous locations around Cheshire and Greater Manchester. The attendance at the events has been wonderful and everyone is so lovely and friendly. The next event is 30 September, a butterfly garden-themed champagne brunch. These are events are a fantastic way to get glammed up, get out of the house and meet other people in the same situation. 

Coming soon... 

Filming for series 14 of Real Housewives of Cheshire has now begun and it’s so very exciting. I have a new, huge project that will be launched hopefully on the show very soon, so I hope to be able to tell you more in the next issue. I can’t wait to reveal what it is.