My best Yorkshire life : Harki Bhambra

Harki Bhambra

Harki Bhambra - Credit: David Reiss Photography

Actor Harki Bhambra is a TV favourite as British Asian surgeon Dr Samir Hasan in ITV’s much-loved The Good Karma Hospital. Harki is from Leeds and has also appeared in The Midwife and Our Girl 

Something in Yorkshire that makes you smile 
Getting off the train and seeing Mum pulling up in the drop-off car park at Leeds station, and straight away asking me ‘have you been waiting long?’. Even if I had been, I wouldn't tell her.  

A place you love to eat 
Captain Thornton's fish and chip shop on Dib Lane. I actually think about it a couple of times a week when I'm in London; it is hands down the best chippy, and I've tried a few - trust me. A new gentleman took over a few years back, who was previously a quantity surveyor, like myself, and has improved the place loads, I think they have opened another chippy in Chapel Allerton too. 

A place to take friends 
York. Mum used to work there when I was a kid and my sister and her husband live there now. It just has a good bit of everything. All the history it has from the roman walls to Clifford's Tower, having a nice little wander down the Shambles, the Minster and so many little cafes to stop and have a brew, always have a nice day out there. 

South Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire taken in the evening with all the amusement arcades lit up,

As a child Harki loved playing in the amusement arcades and on the beach at Scarborough - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A childhood memory 
We used to have a clothes shop in Scarborough and my Paps used to take stock over Tuesdays. Whenever I'd go, he'd drop the stock off then he'd take me to the beach front and let me play on all the arcade games. I had no idea what I was doing but he'd just let me mess around on them for ages. I begged to go every time he went, my mum used to have to distract me in another room if there wasn't enough room in the car -  if I knew he'd gone without me I'd cry my eyes out. 

The railway viaduct across the river Nidd

The railway viaduct across the River Nidd at Knaresborough - Harki loved wandering the historic streets in the town on market day - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A cultural go-to 
Paps used to do markets and we'd help out as kids, I hated every minute, but the older I got the more I appreciated the really beautiful places where he pitched up. Knaresborough and Ripon were especially really beautiful historical spots which would have some great places to eat. When I'd get the lunch order, I'd always string it out and take the long way round to really take in the beauty of these places, and of course run the clock down to get to leaving time sooner! 

Pre-dawn light on the north foreshore of the Humber Estuary. Near Hull, the UK City of Culture 2017

The Humber Bridge was a regular places for Harki's family to visit - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Inspiration outdoors 
Quite a funny place my parents used to take visitors and relations to was the Humber Bridge. I think it's because at the time it was quite a new structure and it looked pretty impressive. I still think it looks all right now! Hull sometimes gets a bit of stick but I actually had one of the best nights of my life there when I saw Oasis at the Hull Ice Rink - lovely venue! 

A place for indulgence 
Mum and Paps' house. As soon as I get in I'll walk over to the hob and smell the curries that have been made, usually there's one meat and a couple of vegetable ones. I'll usually sneak a couple of mouthfuls. Sometimes my Paps will have bought a load of fresh samosas which will be sat on the table and before I've even left the kitchen I'll have had three. It' no surprise I always feel a bit heavier when I get back on that train to Kings Cross. 

A Yorkshire view that inspires 
The drive back from Leeds station through town. I always love seeing the new cafes, restaurants and shops that have emerged since my last visit. Kind of always makes me feel proud seeing Leeds continually on the up, improving but still keeping its proud history. 

I’m never happier than when… 
I'm sat at my parents’ house having a cup of tea and a chat with everyone. Probably after having a big fried breakfast, where Mum's made sure that everyone's full to the brim. We're a very chatty family and hours can go by sat in that front room, talking about the stuff we already kinda know but will gladly listen to again. 

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Three words that sum up your best Yorkshire life 
Leeds, Leeds, Leeds! or Welcome. Family. Food. 

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