Hayley Tamaddon to play Roxie in Manchester Opera House production of Chicago

Hayley Tamaddon who is starring in the musical Chicago at Manchester's Opera House in March

Hayley Tamaddon who is starring in the musical Chicago at Manchester's Opera House in March - Credit: Archant

Actress Hayley Tamaddon is delighted to be starring in the hit musical Chicago at Manchester’s Opera House next month

Hayley Tamaddon as 'Roxie Hart' John Partridge as 'Billy Flynn' and Sam Bailey as 'Mama Morton' Ima

Hayley Tamaddon as 'Roxie Hart' John Partridge as 'Billy Flynn' and Sam Bailey as 'Mama Morton' Image by Dewynters - Credit: Archant

You’re playing Roxie Hart in Chicago what do you love about the role?

I’m really excited about playing the part of Roxie. It’s been a dream role for many years and I can’t believe I’m finally playing it!

It’s a pretty energetic part. Do you have to be super fit? How did you prepare for the role?

In preparation for the part I lost half a stone! I’d put on a bit of weight during my time at Corrie. And bought a mini gym for home. And did my Zumba on my wii fit!

I believe you now live in Cheshire. Did you move there when you were in Coronation Street?

I live in Manchester now since joining Corrie in 2013 and I absolutely love it. I feel safe here and the people are lovely.

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Do you live with anyone?

I live with my boyfriend Joe, we are very happy and hopefully after the tour ends, we may end up looking to buy a house together.

Do you have any favourite restaurants/ places to visit/shops?

I love Manchester and have made lots of friends here.. I have a few favourite haunts.. Rosso is a gorgeous restaurant and I love going to velvet bar and dancing the night away in “New York New York” bar. You’ll often find me singing on the stage in there.

What was it like working on Coronation Street? You said it was like one big happy family. Did you make any friends on the set that you still keep in touch with? You said you were sad to leave would you like to return?

I was very sad to leave Corrie, it really is like one big family.. But to be honest I see them all the time! I’ve kept in touch with many of the guys which in this business is quite rare.

We often all get together for nights out.. I see Shayne most weeks, and Patti Clare, Sally Ann, Antony, Beverley and me live quite close, and obviously my best mate Dan Brocklebank - we see each other every day!

The producers didn’t kill me off which I’m pleased about so you never know.. Andrea Lloyd and the baby could make a return one day!

What do you consider your career high?

I think every job I get is a career high for me. I feel so blessed that I’m doing a job I absolutely love.

Getting my first part in a musical when I was 19 was a great feeling. Then my first big to role in Emmerdale at 27,

Winning dancing on ice was an incredible feeling and the getting Corrie was just the icing on the cake!

Now I’m doing Chicago. A dream musical role. I’m a very lucky girl but I’ve worked my socks off for it!

Is there any role you’d love to play in the future?

There’s so much more I’d love to do.. I’d love to do a sitcom, a period drama like downtown.. A film.. who knows what the future holds?

How do you like to unwind?

Unwinding is definitely spent with my boyfriend Joe. We stay in our onesies eat yummy food, drink tea and watch movies. I love those days.

Chicago, starring Hayley Tamaddon, Sam Bailey and John Partridge, will be at the Opera House, Manchester, from Monday March 21st to Saturday April 2nd.