Comedian Joe Pasquale is so happy to be back in East Anglia

Joe Pasquale loves life in East Anglia.

Joe Pasquale loves life in East Anglia. - Credit: Submitted

His showbusiness career began on the east coast and Joe Pasquale still loves the seaside. He’s also delighted
to call the region home once more, as he tells Rachel Banham.

It was, says Joe Pasquale, something he had long intended to
do. And now, he has done it. He has moved back to Norfolk.
Joe lived at Hopton-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth, years ago and
explains that he was keen to return to the county.
“I always said, ‘Later on, when I get older, that’s where I’m going to come back to, Norfolk’,” he says.
“And that’s why I came back – because it’s a lot friendlier way of
life. In Norfolk everybody’s a lot more chilled.”
He adds: “I think over the past couple of years the tolerance
of people, just generally, has become worse.
“I’ve found the Norfolk people are a lot friendlier than people
in London.”
Joe had only been back living in the county for 10 days when he
announced his move on the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X in March.
He recalled how much he liked the local accent when he lived in
Norfolk before.
He says: “My next door neighbour used to go to B and Koo every
Sunday, so I said to him: ‘B&Q?’ and he goes: ‘No, B and Koo’.”
“I said: ‘If you’re waiting for a bus, where do you stand?’ He said:
‘I stand in a koo’. And I said: ‘You stand in a queue?’ “I love the accent."
Yet Joe is originally from Essex and a hint of Norfolk in his famous voice is yet to materialise.
“It’s not there yet, no,” he admits.
“I think my Essex accent is still too rooted in there to change now.”
Some six months after he made the move, he is enjoying life in
East Anglia.
“I absolutely love it here. Honestly, I love it,” he says.
“Whenever I’ve done a gig and then I’m coming back, I’m driving
up the A11, my shoulders drop … I’m driving up the A11 going, ‘Ah, I’m coming home’.
“It’s amazing. Even when the weather is not nice, it’s still great.”
As he now lives near Thetford, he is also closer to the East Anglian coast which has a special place in his heart.
“My dad was evacuated up to Beccles when he was a kid, during
the war,” he says.
“Sadly I lost my mum more than 20 years ago. She loved the Norfolk coast, so we used to holiday up there a lot, up to Great Yarmouth.”
Joe returned to Gt Yarmouth last year, to film the Channel Five series Susan Calman’s Grand Week By The Sea. He and Susan made sandcastles on the beach during the programme, which brought back memories for Joe of when he was six years old
and his mum entered a sandcastle contest for him.
“I won a Brownie camera and a box of chocolates and I made myself sick on them,” he says.

Joe Pasquale in the early days of his career.

Joe Pasquale in the early days of his career. - Credit: Archant Library

While he clearly loves Gt Yarmouth, he took his first steps into
showbusiness slightly further down the coast.
“I started my career as a Green Coat for Warner’s, in Corton, near
Lowestoft,” he says.
“And so I have been coming up and down here forever.
“I just love it. It’s very important. I think the heritage of the place is great.
“I think the buildings, the architecture, of Gt Yarmouth is fantastic.”
Joe became a patron of St George's Theatre in the town in 2017, a role he is still happy to hold today.
“I just love the architecture of the buildings. They should be looked after,” he says.
“I love working the piers in Gt Yarmouth, both of them.”
He adds: “I used to go up to the Winter Gardens on the Wellington Pier. That was a wonderful building.”
Joe was crowned King of the Jungle in 2004 in the ITV1 series I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! He learned to skate on the ITV1 series Dancing on Ice in 2013.
He has long been a familiar face on our TV screens and he has also worked extensively in theatre.
In 2013, he starred in Ha Ha Holmes! And the Hound of the
Baskervilles at Norwich, Ipswich and King’s Lynn.
He has performed stand-up at various venues across the region,
including the Britannia Pier in Gt Yarmouth.
He has now been touring the country for 35 years and in
September, he brings his stand-up show, Fundemic, to Clacton-on-Sea.
He is also still playing Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave
‘Em, a show he brought to Norwich Theatre Royal in 2018, and life is busy.
“After the pandemic and not doing a lot for two years, it’s come back full blast,” he says.
But when he wants to relax he needs to look no further than East
Anglia – and the coast that remains so special to him.
“It means home to me now,” he says. “And it was the best part of my life when I was a kid.” 

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Joe Pasquale features in the August 2022 issue of Let's Talk magazine.

Joe Pasquale features in the August 2022 issue of Let's Talk magazine. - Credit: Archant