Fern Britton discusses her love for Cornwall in new series

My Cornwall with Fern Britton EP 1. (Fern Britton) with the vintage MGB that she drives in the serie

Fernwith the vintage MGB that she drives in the series - Credit: Twofour Broadcast

My Cornwall with Fern Britton is a new series on Channel 5 airing every Thursday at 8pm.

For as long as Fern Britton can remember, Cornwall has always been in her heart. From childhood holidays in the 1950’s, to covering the area as a local news reader in the 1980’s, and now as her home and inspiration as an author.

In this two-part series, the viewer accompanies Fern on a very personal quest to understand what makes the county she loves so uniquely captivating. 

In this first episode, Fern explores the part of the county she first fell heart over heels for as a child: the south. From speedy trips along the water, to dramatic rides along Bodmin Moor, the show highlights some of the best parts of Cornwall - and the wonderful people within.

Fern recently sat down to discuss growing up in such a magical place and how much making this show means to her.

My Cornwall with Fern Britton - EP 2. (Fern Britton) at Padstow Kitchen Garden (wide)

Fern at Padstow Kitchen Garden - Credit: Twofour Broadcast

You used to visit Cornwall in the fifties and you live here now, how has it changed in that period?

"Cornwall hasn’t changed much to me. Some of the roads have got a little wider and there are more homes built, but the essence of it is impossible to remove. The sky, the air, the sea. The sounds of gulls and cows."

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What are your fondest memories of Cornwall?

"My fondest memories are swimming with my uncle in Looe. Playing the 1d fruit machines in Looe. The model Village in Polperro. The shark fishing and the speedboats."

What did you learn while making the series?

"I loved making this series because it took me to meet people I would have never met before. Artists, a witch and a clotted cream maker."

Can you tell us about the horseriding and classic car driving?

"I adored my white MGB. I drove one in the early 80s and it is my most favourite car. I would have loved to have kept this one! The horse riding was enormous fun, but less riding, more plodding! In the 80s a friend and I would go up to riding stables on the moor and do all the wonderful riding there was. Even going to the pub where we would hitch the horses up like cowboys and go in for a pint and a sausage."

My Cornwall with Fern Britton EP 1. (Fern Britton) with former speedboat captain (Vicky)

Fern Britton with former speedboat captain (Vicky) - Credit: Twofour Broadcast

What was life like living there?

"Living in Cornwall is slower and much funnier than anywhere I have lived. I have lived full time in two villages. Once in my twenties and now in my sixties. It’s still the same. Village life is a gift. A parcel of gossip, history, laughs, gardening, farming and the muchcontested Annual Produce show. My Cooking Apples got a first in 2019!"

Where are your favourite places in Cornwall and why?

"Anywhere in Cornwall suits me but my favourite places include Looe, Polperro, Tintagel, Sennen Cove, Bodmin Moor, Padstow, Golitha Falls and Trebarwith strand."

It's the era of the staycation - where must we go for a slice of classic Cornwall?

"Any of the above are wonderful places to visit on Staycation."

My Cornwall with Fern Britton EP 1. (Fern Britton) on Bodmin Moor on horseback with (Sue), an expert

On Bodmin Moor on horseback with Sue, an expert on local authors - Credit: Twofour Broadcast

You tell a story about having seen Cornish Piskies, can you tell us any more about that? Do you really believe you saw Piskies?

"I did see Piskies! I know it sounds mad and maybe it was a trick of the eye, but they saw me and changed into Grouse."

Why do you think Cornwall is so rich with myths and legends?

"Cornwall is full of magic, but you have to believe to be able to see it."