Olympic trampoline star takes on thrilling Devon family attraction

A woman holding a Union Jack flag trying a Devon tourist ride.

Trampoline star Bryony Page tries out The Jump. - Credit: Devon Cliffs

SUE CADE chats to trampolining champ Bryony Page about the latest additions to a popular Devon holiday park 

Trampolining at school in the 1970s was a terrifying affair - of health and safety there was little sign. It’s all changed now, and trampolining is a recognised Olympic sport.  

So much so, that double Olympic medal winner and all round trampoline star Bryony Page, who is in Devon to launch new activities at Devon Cliffs Holiday Park, is something of a sporting celebrity. 

She discovered her love for trampolining when she saw sessions underway at the centre where she was practising gymnastics. Something clicked, and not long after the trampoline bounced ahead of gymnastics.  

“As soon as I got on the trampoline I knew it was for me,” Bryony explains. “I loved the feeling of weightlessness at the top of each jump and the sensation of twisting and springing. You feel the G-force in a way that a racing car driver does. It’s like when you’re on a rollercoaster, except with trampolining you’re in control.” 

When she collected her first Olympic medal Bryony had never won at international level. “In the final my target was just to perform as best I could, to achieve near perfection and excellence. When I saw the scores I realised I’d reached my personal best – and when I knew I’d won a silver I felt a mix of emotions, shock, happiness and excitement – emotions times 100!” 

Visitors to Devon Cliffs in Exmouth may experience similar feelings when they tackle the two brand new activities Bryony’s trying out on their behalf. Fittingly, one of these is called ‘The Jump’, an exhilarating experience that gives guests the chance to freefall from one of two different height platforms onto a massive airbag. The tallest platform is six metres - in old money that’s nearly 20 feet.  

A woman upside falling onto airbags on a Deon tourist ride.

The Jump gives you the chance to freefall from one of two different height platforms onto a massive airbag. - Credit: Devon Cliffs

“In trampolining you actually jump higher than six metres - the difference is that when you trampoline you go up first then down, with The Jump it’s the other way round,” adds Bryony. 

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It gives the chance for people to experience the sensation of freefall, coming down from a substantial height. Bryony says there’s a tiny element of fear when you’re on the edge of the jump, then the excitement of falling before you hit the giant airbag. “It makes you feel like you’re being cuddled by a cloud.” 

She clearly enjoys it, saying “I’m such a big fan of the Jump Tower and love trying out new tricks on it. The adrenaline rush you get jumping off will never get old. Even as an adult it’s tons of fun, so I can definitely see why children are eager to try it this summer.” 

Although The Jump might be something of a busman’s holiday, another new activity gives Bryony the chance to try something different, taking the hot seat in the Tank Off Roader. This six-wheel electric vehicle is perfect for thrill seekers who enjoy speed.  

“The terrain at the park is sloped and it’s lots of fun spinning round, going backwards and forwards – and trying to avoid fences!” 

It's a great time to stay at the Holiday Park as Devon Cliffs also has a new restaurant – although personally I’d prefer a meal after having a turn on The Jump and the Tank Off Roader! 

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