My real life: our first Kinsella family holiday

Hanna Kinsella in Ibiza

It was so good to get away to our favourite island of ibiza - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

Happy summer all! Despite the recent rain, by the time you read this, the sun should be out again...I hope! 

We’ve recently returned from our first family holiday with baby Max, which was very special, to the beautiful island of Ibiza, and we had a ball. 

Martin and I have been to Ibiza many times but it was certainly a different type of holiday this time around. We stayed at the Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa, which is very family-orientated, with a big kids pool and lots of family entertainment and we really enjoyed our stay there. 

While in Ibiza we did lots of different things. We visited our favourite beach clubs including Nassau beach. Again, it was a bit different with Max in tow, but everyone was so welcoming and accommodating and we even had Max on a little beach bed with us – it was fabulous. 

Martin Kinsella and baby Max on a boat to Formentera

Max seemed to love his first boat trip - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

We went on a boat trip to Formentera with friends and it was perfect. Max was so well behaved on the boat and he seemed to really enjoy it. He’s such a happy and smiley baby and I feel that he just really enjoys being around other people and in different environments. We watched the sunset with Max at Café del Mar, which was amazing, and had a beautiful meal; the food was delicious, and the views are fantastic. We also visited the old town; those little shops are gorgeous, there’s so much culture there and it really is a buzzing place. I love it! 

Hanna Kinsella Ibiza 2021

Keeping Max cool and sun safe was so important - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

We even had a couple of nights off baby duties as my PA flew out for a few days ahead of her own holiday and had Max while Martin and had some quality time together. We went to Lio to eat and STK Steak House and of course we visited Nikki beach and Blue Marlin, so we felt very lucky to have been able to do that. We were desperate for a break and enjoyed some family bonding time. Martin is so busy at work and he’s always in clinics, and apart from two weeks paternity leave, he hasn’t had much chance to spend quality time with Max. 

We are now experts in baby travel and took some great things with us that were super helpful. One of the best things was a little paddling pool seat that he could safely sit in under the parasol and keep cool. Max loved the water and he was so cute in his little rubber ring.  It was very hot so we’d put him in the pool for the odd dip, but there was no shelter, we were very careful with him in the sun. 

hanna kinsella and baby max in Ibiza august 2021

Travelling with baby Max - it's been a dream - Credit: Hanna Kinsella

Babies and planes! If you’ve been there, you’ll know. We were actually quite lucky as Max pretty much slept on both flights but he did have a little kick off on the way home so at least we know what to expect as he gets older and into the toddler years. I had a flashback to when we were child-free and if there was a child having a meltdown, you do think to yourself: ‘I wish that baby would be quiet’, but when it’s your baby screaming, it can be quite stressful, but it was over quickly and all was ok. I now have full sympathy for all parents travelling with little ones. 

All in all we had the best family holiday. We love Ibiza and who knows, we may even get a holiday home there one day as its somewhere we like to go often. 

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