Real Housewife Hanna Kinsella on choosing maternity wear and launching her own toothpaste

Martin and I are so excited about our baby's arrival next year.
Photo: Georgia Appleby Chic PR

Martin and I are so excited about our baby's arrival next year. Photo: Georgia Appleby Chic PR - Credit: Archant

Our real housewife Hanna is back on our screens, and is busy, busy, busy!

I love autumnal days - though as my bump grows I may need to invest in a new coat!
Photo: Georgia A

I love autumnal days - though as my bump grows I may need to invest in a new coat! Photo: Georgia Appleby Chic PR - Credit: Archant

Happy autumn everyone and what a beautiful, colourful month it is despite all the rain we’ve had.

I’ve been buying myself some lovely autumnal pregnancy clothes in dark oranges and yellows, and lovely rich browns because I am now officially 23 weeks pregnant! It’s going fast and so far, so good. Martin and I went for our 20-week “anomaly scan”, which I felt quite anxious about, but it was an amazing experience seeing our baby’s features much more clearly than the initial scan. I’m pleased to report that all was well, the baby looks healthy and this is all I could ever ask for. Now it’s time to really start preparing for our new arrival and the next job is to design the nursery. I still haven’t decided on a colour scheme or what design I want to go for, but we finally decided on a pram after a visit to Newbie & Me in Crewe. The staff were so knowledgeable and helped us make up our minds after going through the pros and cons of many different brands and models. Decision stress averted!

As you read this, lockdown levels are fluctuating around the UK and in the North West we are on tenterhooks not really knowing what is around the corner. At time of going to press Martin and I were still taking full advantage of the governments fab eat out scheme and glad to see local restaurants still operating during these strange times. I’m trying the best I can to stay healthy during pregnancy as eating a healthy balanced diet is so important, but with the government scheme in place I found myself eating out quite a lot, especially as I am extra tired after a day’s work so eating out is really helping! I’m trying to train regularly with my personal trainer, the “she-beast” Chelsea Pollard, who is amazing and puts me through my paces, but she dials down the workouts to be pregnancy friendly. I’ll try to continue with light training until the end of my pregnancy as muscle tone can really help with childbirth and it will keep me super-strong for when baby arrives.

Find out how the lovely Hanna spent lockdown with her husband Martin Kinsella.

I mentioned briefly last month a very exciting new dental project. Dentistry is my passion and I am delighted to finally announce that Icy Bear Diamond whitening toothpaste is now available to pre-order!

I’ve formulated my own whitening toothpaste which includes diamond dust to maintain the appearance and health of teeth.

I was supposed to launch the product pre lockdown with a fabulous diamond and ice themed party, but this is on hold for the moment. I am just so happy it’s finally come together and you will get to see all my hard work on the show. I may not be able to have a big glitzy party, but a Covid-friendly launch will do for now.

The new product is quite timely as people look for ways to improve their oral health in lockdown. My clients at the practice and also my fans on social media often ask me for general dental tips, especially as people have not been able to visit their dentist as regularly as usual due to Covid-19 so I wanted to share the following advice:

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My top tips for healthy teeth in lockdown:

Don’t forget to brush with fluoride toothpaste twice a day (we’re all a little more relaxed and personal hygiene is taking a hit as we spend more time at home, so don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed, and when you get up….even if it is later than usual)!

Floss or use interdental toothbrushes daily (or at least a few times a week)

Eat healthier snacks - we’re snacking more in lockdown so watch out for too many sugary snacks and swap baked goods and confectionary for fruit, nuts and raw vegetables

100% stop smoking and watch how much alcohol you drink as both can lead to mouth cancer!

Cut out acidic drinks (fizzy drinks and fruit juice etc.) Water, milk, teas and coffee (without sugar) are your friends

The Real Housewives of Cheshire season 12 is on screens now, ITVBe Monday nights at 9pm, so curl up on the couch and have a watch!

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