Chester artist Chloe Holt

Emerging artist Chloe Holt recreates the rugged terrains of local scenery including Snowdonia and Anglesey <br/><br/>WORDS BY EMMA MAYOH<br/><br/>PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIRSTY THOMPSON

Chloe Holt wasn’t a typical rebel. The former Upton High School pupil used to find any excuse to duck out of PE. But it wasn’t so that she could go home or hang around the streets. The Chester-based artist would hide in the school art room working on new designs and pieces. ‘I’ve always been artistic,’ explained the 28-year-old. ‘At school I hated PE and I would sneak up to the art room!’It seems that her dedication to art and the influence of parents, Bill and Olwen, who are graphic designers and artists, is paying off. Chloe was awarded a Student Design Award in 2003 while at Manchester Metropolitan University, for her work on a glow in the dark project. Some of her early work was commissioned by Oliver Heath for Changing Rooms TV show and her collections are enjoyed by people across the county and further afield. She has also been accepted into the Royal College of Art but hasn’t yet taken up the place. Most recently, and a high point for Chloe, was the invitation to exhibit at the Florence Biennale, one of the world’s most prestigious art shows. Three of her works were displayed for two weeks in the internationally-renowned exhibition. It was the second time she had been invited by the panel of esteemed judges. Previously she’d not been able to afford the associated costs. But Rick Parry, chief executive of Liverpool Football Club, lent a helping hand.His son had already bought some of Chloe’s works but then Rick wanted some for himself. She has sold six to him so far. When the Liverpool chairman discovered Chloe’s financial quandary, he offered to help.Chloe, who often works from her studio in the garden of her parents’ home, explained: ‘He paid for me to be a part of the exhibition. Apparently George Davies flies over to Italy in his private jet and he offered to fly my paintings over to the exhibition. It was incredible and it was such an exciting event for me.’Chloe’s work, which she describes as having a theme of time and memory, is her passion. She uses emulsion paint and then sands the paint down to create different textures. She also makes bespoke cushions where her paintings are printed onto beautiful silks to create unique patterns. Her textile work starts from �65 and her paintings start around �900.Much of her inspiration comes from her travels – she is working on a piece featuring details of gravestones at the Paris cemetery where the musician Jim Morrison is based. But it is Snowdonia, an area she spends a lot of time in, that really fires her imagination.The Royal Society of Art fellow said: ‘Many of my landscapes are based on the rugged nature you get at Snowdonia. I love it there, particularly around the Devil’s Kitchen. I do a lot of walking     and we do some of the difficult climbs: the ones where you’re climbing over boulders and getting your leg stuck in holes. ‘I think that ruggedness comes across in my work. I love Newborough Beach in Anglesey too. The black rocks against the beautiful turquoise sea are so beautiful. North Wales is a big part of my work.’Chloe has been described as a rising star and her work recently featured in a Rising Stars exhibition at the Artroom Gallery in Parkgate, Wirral. Chloe said: ‘ I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by culture as I’ve been growing up and I think that’s really helped with my pieces. I love what I do, I’m so lucky.’ 

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