The Cotswolds summer quiz

Who was the inspiration for the character Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island?

Who was the inspiration for the character Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island? - Credit: NC Wyeth/Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Test your knowledge of the Cotswolds with BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Mark Cummings 

Here are a few fun questions about the Cotswolds. Enjoy having a go and discovering the answers which will inspire you to explore our amazing area in a deeper, richer way. 

  1. When did the Stroud Sub Rooms open: 1834, 1904 or 1927? 
  2. What did Gloucester boy John Stafford Smith write?   
  3. In which year did The Queen’s Hotel in Cheltenham open: 1838, 1742 or 1900? 
  4. Which member of Blur relocated to the Cotswolds to make cheese?  
  5. The gardens at Snowshill Manor are owned by who?
  6. Where would you find the Cattle Country Adventure Park?  
  7. What insect do you associate most with Selsley Common? 
  8. Where in the North Cotswolds have Gloucestershire County Cricket played some of their matches?  
  9. What’s special about 4 Clarence Street in Cheltenham?  
  10. Complete the following ‘Scratch Gloucestershire and find...’ 
  11. What does the word ‘Chipping’ mean in reference to Chipping Campden, Chipping Sodbury and Chipping Norton?  
  12. Cheltenham-born Richard O’Brien wrote which cult musical show? 
  13. Where did the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway recently extend their line up to? 
  14. What mouth-watering cargo used to come up the Gloucester Sharpness canal from Frampton on Severn to a special place near Birmingham? 
  15. Which ship-faring 1970s TV show was filmed partially at Gloucester Docks? 
  16. Which member of the royal family was caught speeding on the A417?   
  17. He was born at 2 Eastgate Street Gloucester, suffered TB, was friends with Robert Louis Stevenson, was the inspiration for the character Long John Silver, and wrote the poem Invictus. Who is he?  
  18. Painswick: town or village?  
  19. Where would you find a marina, Mop fayre and the meeting place of two rivers? 
  20. Which of the following went to Cheltenham Ladies’ College? a) Actress Kristin Scott Thomas; b) newsreader Fiona Bruce; or c) socialite Tamara Beckwith? 
  21. In Cotswold lingo, what are ‘Yarbs’?  
  22. Historical drama Wolf Hall was filmed where?  
  23. Where would you find a place with two golf courses, one new and one old? 
  24. When was Cider with Rosie first published: 1959, 1962 or 1965? 
  25. Which flower is Kempley associated with?  
  26. The Fosse Way starts in Exeter, but where does it end?  
  27. Which king is buried at Gloucester Cathedral?  
  28. On which river does Cirencester stand?  
  29. Where in The Forest of Dean did the following bands hang out, rehearse and record: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Badfinger and Mott The Hoople?  
  30. Lewis Carroll was inspired by what at the top of a flight of stairs in Charlton Kings?  
  31. What is a ‘trow’? 
  32. If I wanted to drive the TV car ‘Brum’, where would I go to find it? 
  33. Which fish is used to make a unique Gloucestershire pie for the Queen?  
  34. Which town once had a thriving tobacco industry?  
  35. Where would you find the Three Horse Shoes and The Bell pubs?    
  36. What was Rosalind Buckland’s claim to fame?  
  37. He lives in Rodborough and wrote Handbags and Gladrags and Build Me Up Buttercup. Who is he?  
  38. Where does rugby star Phil Vickery have a restaurant?  
  39. Where in the Forest of Dean did King Charles have a hunting lodge?  
  40. The late AA Gill referred to which Cotswold town as being ‘The worst place in the world’? 


Answers can be found in the Cotswold Life 2022 Summer Special.

Stroud Subscription Rooms

When did the Stroud Sub Rooms open? - Credit:

Cattle Country Farm Park, Berkeley

Where would you find the Cattle Country Adventure Park? - Credit: Candia McKormack

The Queen's Hotel, Cheltenham

In which year did The Queen’s Hotel in Cheltenham open? - Credit: Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Snowshill Manor is packed with quirky and extraordinary treasures from the past

Who owns the gardens at Snowshill Manor? - Credit: ©NTPL/Mike Williams

Brum at Cotswold Motoring Museum

Where in the Cotswolds could I find TV car ‘Brum’? - Credit: Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Søren Larsen, which appeared in the 1970s TV series The Onedin Line

Søren Larsen, which appeared in the 1970s TV series The Onedin Line - Credit: anoldent/Flickr/Creative Commons