Conquer the fear of flying at Goodwood

The famous Goodwood Flying School, based at the historic Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex, is launching a special course to help reduce the fear factor for nervous flyers

Fear of flying affects a significant proportion of the British population and can be a major influencing factor in everything from choosing a holiday destination to being able to visit family and loved ones overseas.

Statistically, the risk of death is greater from a bee sting than it is from a flying incident, yet this doesn’t prevent a huge number of potential flyers feeling anxious about taking to the air each year.

The Goodwood ‘Fear of Flying’ course has been specifically designed to reduce this fear of flying, with a special programme individually tailored to the needs of the apprehensive flyer. 

The introductory course includes an hour in Goodwood’s land-based Frasca C172 flight simulator, followed by a tour of its in-house Aircraft Engineering hangar with Goodwood technicians on hand to explain and help participants understand more about aircraft and how they operate.  

The course then continues with a flight in one of Goodwood’s new fleet of state-of-the-art Cessna C172 aircraft. During this flight tentative individuals will learn and understand more about how an aircraft’s controls work, and potentially even fly the aircraft, whilst viewing the stunningly beautiful Sussex countryside and seascapes. The magical view often helps to overcome a nervous passenger’s initial fear!

Rob Wildeboer, Aviation General Manager at Goodwood, said: “I have flown a number of first time or nervous flyers who really never thought that they would ever fly. To have them get out of the aeroplane after a successful flight and say that they would go again is a really fantastic feeling in terms of satisfaction.

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“My background as an aircraft engineer allows me to help put people at ease by explaining fully how the ‘thing’ works, before putting them in and letting them get used to being inside. We then start the engine and gradually work up to a flight, which only need be around five minutes if so desired.

“Needless to say, much of this rests around interpersonal skills, and our aviation staff at Goodwood, especially our flying instructors, excel at this. Regarding large versus small aircraft – we have found that some people who dislike large aircraft feel more ‘in control’ of smaller ones and more a part of what is going on. This will hopefully lead to a further understanding and subsequent familiarisation with airliners.”

The Goodwood Flying School has been in operation since 1968, and boasts one of the most modern aircraft fleet in Europe, with experienced instructors on hand for flight experiences and Private Pilot’s Licence instruction.

The Goodwood Aerodrome is located at the former RAF Westhampnett, a key Battle of Britain airfield, and the site of Sir Douglas Bader’s final sortie. Today the site includes the world famous Goodwood Motor Circuit, the sympathetically-restored race track that hosts the nostalgic annual Goodwood Revival meeting (14-16 September).

Goodwood’s Fear of Flying courses starts at �399 inclusive of VAT. For more information about the course, contact the Goodwood Flying School on 01243 755066, by email at, or