Consultation on Brookfield Riverside reveal interest in new jobs

Bayfordbury Estates reveal that regeneration of Brookfield Riverside would create over 2,000 full and part-time jobs.

Comments on the AskBrookfieldRiverside Facebook page reveal new job hope. The Facebook page was recently launched by developer Bayfordbury Estates to consult local people on Brookfield Riverside, the main component for the regeneration of Greater Brookfield.  

Employment opportunities have been stretched since the recession particularly for school leavers and graduates. Bayfordbury Estates revealed that Brookfield Riverside would create over 2,000 full and part-time jobs with over 500 new jobs created by the construction process alone. The developer also pointed out that further jobs would be created as new shops and leisure increase demand for local support services.

New jobs would be available at over 65 new shops, a major department store, and a hotel and through the provision of new entertainment including a cinema, ten pin bowling, gastro bars, restaurants and caf�s and facilities such as a health & fitness complex and a cr�che.

The Lea Valley has been earmarked as a Priority Area for Economic Regeneration. This means there is a considered focus on providing new jobs for residents, to improve the prosperity for the whole community and lower unemployment levels, which are currently at their highest in 10 years.

According to national statistics Broxbourne has higher unemployment, fewer qualifications and lower incomes compared to the Hertfordshire average.  Broxbourne’s Community Audit Plan which provides a ‘snapshot’ of the economic, social and demographic issues facing the local community also shows that areas of the Borough, particularly around Greater Brookfield are among the most deprived in the country and experience high long-term unemployment.

These statistics justify new development at Greater Brookfield, which has been identified in Broxbourne Borough Council’s recently published draft Core Strategy as the only site capable of accommodating significant new employment space to provide the stimulus that the Borough requires. The Brookfield Riverside scheme would offer a range of job opportunities and training in skilled and non-skilled areas, including retail, leisure, transport and construction. These much-needed jobs will help those in the Borough seeking employment, particularly the young and those in deprived areas around Greater Brookfield who do not have access to a car.

To have your say, please visit the Greater Brookfield website ( and AskBrookfieldRiverside on Facebook ( and AskBrookfield on Twitter ( Alternatively, call Bayfordbury Estates’ helpline on 0844 811 2776.

To read and comment on Broxbourne Borough Council’s Core Strategy via Planning Portal ( You can also email your response to or call the Council’s Planning Policy Team on 01992 785559. 

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