Strictly's Craig and Bruno head to Cornwall for new ITV show

 Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood climb on board a Cornish fishing boat

The two great friends leave the dancefloor behind to enjoy some spectacular sights around beautiful Britain - Credit: Peter Gray, ITV Picture Desk

As part of a new ITV series, the duo are exploring some of the most iconic locations in the British Isles.

Perhaps most famous to the public as judges on Strictly Come Dancing for a combined 30 years, Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood are back on our screens as they explore the beauty of the British countryside. Originating from Italy and Australia, the pair have both lived in the UK for many years but, thanks to busy filming and performance schedules, have struggled to find time to fully appreciate all there is to see and do across the country.

That's all changed now as they are driving some of the most iconic routes through Britain for Craig and Bruno’s Great British Road Trips on ITV. Across six episodes, they will spend time in six areas from Cornwall to the Cotswolds, the Yorkshire Dales to the Lake District. The first episode aired on July 14th, taking them behind the wheel of a red Mini and across the stunning Cornish countryside.

Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood arrive at the Levant Tin Mine in Cornwall 

Bruno and Craig arrive at the Levant Tin Mine in Cornwall - Credit: Peter Gray, ITV Picture Desk

In fact, this part of their journey was a highlight for Bruno was fell in love with the breath-taking and dramatic coast of Cornwall. They visited Minack Theatre which the Italian was very taken with.

“It’s surprising because previously we have gone from city to city but never actually gone off the beaten track and those drives really take you to places that you otherwise wouldn’t see. Each region has its own particular, very different, quality, different soul and it’s so unexpected. Like the coastline in Cornwall; the theatre that has been blasted out of rocks! 

Each place has almost like a micro-world. It’s all very, very different and so unspoiled. That really surprised me.”

Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood at Minack Theatre can't resist an impromptu singsong with the Fisherman's Friends. 

Bruno and Craig at the spectacular Minack Theatre can't resist an impromptu singsong and dance with the Fisherman's Friends. - Credit: Peter Gray, ITV Picture Desk

With so many of us staying closer to home this summer, road trips and UK-centric TV is sure to hit an all time high. But the duo think their series has an edge many may not, bringing fresh eyes to our beloved landscape.

Bruno: “We are not British and our reactions are honest because we were not prepared for seeing it all in real life. The history of the UK, I knew, because I like history and I read books and so many things have happened since the Romans left Britain. For example, in Wales, all the castles that have been built have fantastic history. In Cornwall, there were the Celts and there are Druid stones everywhere. There are fascinating stories about the history of this country and then it’s visible, it’s there and you go to these places and there is a story attached to each.”

Craig: “And it’s in everybody’s back yard. That’s what you tend to forget. People forget that you don’t have to go to Italy, you don’t have to go to Spain, or Greece, to experience wilderness and to experience beauty. Especially during the pandemic, when we are limited travel-wise, just a car that is going to get you around, is all you need. You can experience these amazing drives, I’ve done some of them before but never really taken in the drives themselves, and I think that’s the beauty of this programme, it’s about getting in the car and saying, ‘Ok, these are possibly the best drives in the UK.’"

Beginning their drive in Padstow, Bruno and Craig's route hugged the Atlantic coast through small beach towns and across dramatic cliffs, to one of the most spectacular roads in Britain along the Tin Coast.  But if that wasn't enough, they then headed to Newquay and onto a fishing boat to really get to know the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, they had great fun meeting locals and even had chance for a sing song with Fisherman's Friends, plus a bottle of Cornish rosé as the sun went down. The programme is fun and easy watching whilst reminding us how special and unique our home truly is.

Craig Revel Horwood and Bruno Tonioli enjoy a glass of English Rose wine at a cafe on Porthmeor Beach

Craig and Bruno enjoy a glass of English Rose wine at a café on Porthmeor Beach - Credit: Peter Gray, ITV Picture Desk

The two have greatly matched personalities and had a blast filming together again. The only struggle they found is trying to get a word in edge ways with the other!

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Bruno: “Yes, that can be quite difficult. Especially when you start talking about Australia. And walls. Craig is obsessed with dry stone walls, and there were walls everywhere. From Cornwall to Scotland, everywhere you go, he’s saying, ‘Look at the view, look at the wall.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, I’ve seen the wall, look at something else!"

Craig and Bruno’s Great British Road Trips airs on ITV 1 every Wednesday at 8pm. You can catch up on any missed episodes on ITV Hub.

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