Devon sculptor helps German rap star make huge hit

Sculptor of Sido

Sculptor of Sido - Credit: Archant

Anyone who believes traditional sculpture is out of touch with modern culture may want to think again – for Devon artist Andrew Sinclair has helped make a German rap music sensation.

Diane Coates and Andrew Sinclair

Diane Coates and Andrew Sinclair - Credit: Archant

The video, which prominently features Andrew’s work, has had an incredible 28 million views on YouTube in the last two years.

Two years ago, Andrew swapped his studio and his Sculpture School for a film set in central Berlin to make a life-size image of music star Sido - never realising he was about to make a monster worldwide hit.

His stone-effect resin sculpture accompanies the song Einer Dieser Steine, which means One Of These Stones.

The video has grown and grown in popularity and its success has left Andrew staggered.

“I knew people were viewing it on online but I was shocked when we clicked on it this month and saw it now has 28 million views,” he said.

“I was pleased and honoured to be asked to do the original work by an ex-student of mine in the film industry, and I had a great time making the sculpture in Germany,” said Andrew.

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“I had a tight deadline of just six days to make the likeness of Sido, but I think they were pleased with the outcome.”

However, Andrew, 54 – who runs The Sculpture School in Bondleigh – admits he had never previously heard of Sido.

“It is always great to sculpt for an A-list celebrity, but the irony is that when this opportunity arose, I didn’t actually know who he was,” he said. “But my son tells me he is huge in Germany, and the song is actually very good.”

The video success comes during a whirlwind period of work for Andrew who moved to Devon just over a year ago. He has recently successfully established new special effects classes at his school showing students how to make sci-fi monsters and aliens with the aim of helping them successfully create figures for film and TV.

Andrew and his partner Diane Coates believe passionately in the merits of traditional sculpture, with an emphasis on teaching students the correct anatomical structure of their creations.

He said: “I suppose I can now say with some confidence that I have proved my diversity in the last couple of years. We have successfully moved our school from Bucks to Devon and are teaching traditional sculpture to students from all walks of life across the globe - but I can now also lay claim to a YouTube video with 28 million views, so no one can accuse me of not trying new things!”

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