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In the first of a new Surrey Life series, in which we'll be meeting some of our county's top business people, we talk to Dr Peter Forrester, owner and founder of the Esher-based The Cosmetic Doctors Company...

PROMOTIONAL FEATUREOriginally published in Surrey Life magazine January 2012

In the first of a new Surrey Life series, in which we’ll be meeting some of our county’s top business people, we talk to Dr Peter Forrester, owner and founder of the Esher-based The Cosmetic Doctors Company...

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Name: Dr Peter ForresterThe Business: The Cosmetic Doctors Company LtdTown: EsherRole: Director and founderAddress: 6 Esher Park Avenue, Esher KT10 9NPTel: 01372 890890E-mail: enquiries@drforrester.co.ukWebsite: www.drforrester.co.uk

Tell us about yourself…After qualifying as a doctor, I undertook postgraduate training in anaesthesia and then as a consultant anaesthetist at a London teaching hospital I specialised in anaesthesia for plastic and cosmetic surgery. In 1996, I left the health service to concentrate on anaesthesia for cosmetic surgery. It was because of my involvement with cosmetic surgery that I became interested in cosmetic medicine and facial anti-ageing; with my anaesthetic expertise being a great advantage when it came to injectable treatments.

In the spring of 2011, I decided that I would found the Cosmetic Doctors Company and relocate my practises in Teddington, Cobham and Esher onto one dedicated site. At our new Esher clinic, we are able to offer a discreet and comfortable environment that has been purpose-designed to cater for cosmetic medical treatments. We are slowly expanding the range of services on offer; for example, in the New Year we will be offering a mole scanning service for people concerned about sun damage and skin cancer.

I now divide my time between giving anaesthetics at King Edward VII’s Hospital with leading plastic surgeon, Mr Barry Jones, and working at the Esher clinic. 

What makes you good at your job?The beauty and cosmetic industry is over-crowded with products and treatments making wildly impressive claims that they fail to live up to. Very few of these claims are backed by proper scientific research or evidence. Sadly, many therapists and doctors do not submit these claims to critical scrutiny before using or recommending treatments. Even though my clients are not ill, an important doctor-patient relationship still exists between us. As a doctor, this means that I am committed to only using therapies that are endorsed by proper research. My clients trust me to use treatments that have been proven to be both effective and safe. 

Are there any particular challenges you face and, if so, how do you deal with them?My challenge is to make The Cosmetic Doctors Company a commercial success without compromising my medical principles or my responsibilities as a doctor. 

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How are you handling the downturn in the economy?During a downturn, people often choose non-invasive treatments instead of expensive surgery because these are more affordable and better value for money.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?At the beginning, keep a careful eye on the overheads.

Are there any entrepreneurs you particularly admire and why?I admire anyone who comes from an ordinary background, has been state-educated and achieved success whatever their chosen field.

How do you manage to get the work/life balance right?I don’t get it right. My work is my passion and perhaps I devote too much time to it. Like most workaholics, I always say that next year I’ll get the balance right. 

What will your legacy be?I want to leave The Cosmetic Doctors Company with its name synonymous with the highest standards of care in cosmetic medicine. 

What do you most enjoy about doing business in Surrey?Great clients, great countryside and still close enough to London to take advantage of what it offers without having to live in town.


A brief case…

The Apprentice or Dragon’s Den?Dragon’s Den – I would never be any good at saying: “You’re fired!” 

Lunchbreak or work right through?Straight through – because it’s better for the waistline. 

Blackberry or iPhone?Definitely an iPhone – I prefer raspberries to blackberries.

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