Dr Rangan Chatterjee on all things Cheshire



With his new book hitting the shelves, the wellness expert from Wilmslow reveals how he makes his healthy mindset a daily lifestyle.

To me home is…

Wilmslow. I work in London a lot but as soon as I get off that train from Euston, I just feel a sense of calm come over me. I grew up here so it's not just my wife and two children who are here, my mum and brother are close too. I love it.

Where do you go for a health kick?

I love The Carrs Park in Wilmslow. We're always there at the weekend, doing Parkrun. Or during the week I'll go for a jog by myself up towards Styal. I love the river and the trees and just nipping out for a dose of nature.

And to indulge?

I might have a different perspective on indulgence to a lot of people. Health and wellbeing are my default settings now so I generally eat stuff that makes me feel good. For a treat I'll head to The Garden in Hale where they do a lot of amazing plant-based food and have delicious cakes - I love their banana bread - that comes with a healthy twist.

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Where are you guaranteed to do some credit card damage?

This may sound cliché but I'm so content with life that I really don't spend a lot. So I guess the answer would be Waitrose! We're in a privileged position where we can afford to spend money on healthy, quality food. I love eating local produce when we can and do like a trip to Cheshire Smokehouse farm shop.

Most romantic Cheshire moment…

I think you create romance and my wife and I have a ritual every evening we call the 5-minute Tea Ritual. After the kids are in bed and the kitchen is clean we make a mint tea and just sit down and talk for at least five minutes. It's a way of making sure we stay connected no matter what else is going on.

If you could move into any building in Cheshire?

I wouldn't move anywhere. I love my house. It's where my kids have grown up. I'm so, so happy there.

What's your Cheshire wellness secret?

Well you can do this anywhere but my big tip is to create a morning routine for yourself based on the three Ms - mindfulness, movement and mindset. It only has to be a few minutes long. Often when I wake up I'll do a minute of deep breathing (mindfulness) then a couple of minutes of yoga moves (movement) then some positive affirmations (mindset). I'm less stressed, less reactive and a better husband, dad and doctor.

Where do you like to go out with friends?

Chilli Banana thai restaurant in Wilmslow is a favourite if I'm going out with a group of mates. Such good food.

I'm never happier than…

With my wife and children in nature without our phones.

Your Cheshire Life in 3 words…

Happy. Fulfilled. Family.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee will be signing copies of his new book Feel Better in 5: Your Daily Plan to Supercharge Your Health (out now, £12.99). See drchatterjee.com/events for more.

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