E.E. Bertram pioneers new method of storytelling with her augmented reality novel “November Fox”


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Esther Bertram is a visionary fiction author incorporating new technology and media to enhance the experience of reading a classic book.

After more than a decade of touring as a professional singer/songwriter, Esther has spent the last 3 years living in the serenity of East Sussex to create

her unique media-fusion novel “November Fox,” an all ages “Alice in Wonderland” for the modern reader.

The story is a fantasy sci/fi about an orphan rock star, “November Fox” who travels through dimensions of consciousness to unlock the mysteries of the cube.

This ground - breaking book incorporates new media and is a pioneering way of story telling on the leading edge of what is possible when you combine technology with art.

In the hardback version of the book, every few chapters, viewers are in vited to use their phones or tablets to explore another dimension of the story with AUGMENTED REALITY, entering into “Lucitopia”. From here readers can witness the world of November Fox from “The Architect’s” perspective. He is the philosophical other - worldly being who narrates the journey. They also gain access to links connected to the story as well as opportunities to connect in forums with other readers and the book’s characters.

There is also a connected music project since the protagonist, November Fox, is a rock star. This is a fully immersive reader experience.

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In Esther’s own words, “As a creative artist, I like to inspire people to challenge their mental models of reality. Technology enables me to create layers within layers to aptly represent the depths of our own consciousness, and take the fantasy world to new heights.”

Esther is currently running a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to enable the book’s release. If you wish to know more or to support Esther’s campaign please visit november-fox.com.


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