Elemental Landscapes

Crisp Winter Morning by Christine Linfield

Crisp Winter Morning by Christine Linfield - Credit: Archant

Elemental Landscapes exhibition takes place at Harbour House, The Promenade, Kingsbridge on the 26th June- 5th July from 10am- 5pm

Westering Sun by Anne Scarratt

Westering Sun by Anne Scarratt - Credit: Archant

Saturday June 27th Meet the Artists 12- 4pm Gallery Talk 2pm

Three artists share this exhibition of landscape paintings, together they enjoy a preoccupation with wild landscapes and with the interaction of the elements and the land. Their work exhibits a harmony which reflects their fourteen years of painting alongside each other and a tension which arises from their diverse painting processes and ways of seeing. Working on site is for all three artists integral to their practice.

Hebridean Storm by Margaret Deans

Hebridean Storm by Margaret Deans - Credit: Archant

Margaret Deans lives on the Cornish coast, the ephemeral seascape is part of her daily panorama, for her this exhibition is about the way each place is transformed by light and weather, often within moments. It is about trying to capture something of the drama, the joy or reflectiveness that working in the landscape offers.

Christine Linfield lives and works on Dartmoor, her paintings inspired by walking, being and working in remote moorland and coastal landscapes. Her work is concerned with the uniqueness of place, the wild strength of the landscape in these borderlands where light possesses the power to both animate and transmute the energies associated with the sea, sky and earth. Her work is an intuitive process where the painting is allowed to develop and capture the spirit and memories of a place enabling a dialogue to evolve between painting and viewer. Working within the cycles and seasonal forces of nature, capturing its might and power and a recent residency at Brisons Veor has resulted in some larger scale paintings.

Anne Scarratt’s paintings start from on site sketches often originating in the landscape around her home in South Devon taking in fields and rivers, coast and deep green lanes; late summer found Anne working in the heat haze of local cornfields. Her work is initiated by a changing vision of a familiar place or the surprise of a previously unseen feature. A recent concentration on composition, of leaving space in the work has enabled a closer engagement with the landscape.