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Chester - Credit: Archant

A spot of retail therapy in this city is so much more than just a shopping experience. Take in the history as you browse the many shops

Anyone coming to Chester for the superb shopping can also feel rather smug about the fact they are effortlessly taking in the city’s culture and history at the same time.

Once w ithin the amazing city walls, built by the Romans to protect the Deva Victrix fortress between 70AD and 80AD the visitor can enjoy one of the most stunning locations in the UK.

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about shopping in Chester are The Rows which are covered walkways above street level that are totally unique. Nothing precisely like them exists anywhere else in the world.

They date back from medieval times and there are many theories about why they came to be built - one being that like today, they were created for shopping. Today it is great fun weaving in and out of the shops on the first floor of the rows and then again at street level, checking out the independent and high quality retailers in this desirable pedestrianised area of the city.

Chester competes on every level with other cities with its mixture of womenswear boutiques and big high street names. The famous Browns of Chester has retained some of its elegance in its incarnation as a branch of Debenhams and let’s not forget jewellery. This is a romantic location for anyone wanting to pop the question...then pop into a jewellers to buy the rings.

Those seeking out interior design inspiration will not be disappointed and this is also a fabulous location for gift buying. Above all it is a location to savour. Visitors can shop, dine at the Michelin starred restaurant in the five star Grosvenor Hotel perhaps, or another of Chester’s lovely restaurants, explore the city on an open top bus or take a river cruise to get a flavour of its diversity.

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One of the great pleasures is exploring Chester’s streets on a pretty spring day, then picking up something for dinner in the terrific indoor market, where there’s a host of stalls selling a wide range of top quality produce. Don’t leave without picking up a slice of Cheshire cheese!

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