Meet Britain’s Got Talent Finalists Honey & Sammy

Honey signed up her Mum, Sammy for Britains Got Talent without her knowing (photo: Tom Dymond/ITV)

Honey signed up her Mum, Sammy for Britains Got Talent without her knowing (photo: Tom Dymond/ITV) - Credit: ITV

We chat with daughter and mother duo, Honey and Sammy, this year’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists, who got Amanda pressing her golden buzzer and won viewers’ hearts with their lovely relationship

Honey and Sammy took Britain's Got Talent by storm (photo © Southern News & Pictures Ltd)

Honey and Sammy took Britain's Got Talent by storm (photo © Southern News & Pictures Ltd) - Credit: Southern News & Pictures (SNAP)

Honey Harrison-Maw

I love growing up in Chigwell because we have everything here. We have parks and forests and great high streets and we are also so close to London. I’ve been singing with my Mum ever since I could speak - Mum said I could sing harmonies with her from four-years-old! I love Britain’s Got Talent and grew up watching the show. I asked my Mum to audition for the show for the last seven years and she always said no. Then when my Mum was given the all clear from breast cancer, I thought ‘you only live once and it’s not a rehearsal!’ So, I just went ahead and signed us up. Doing the show with my Mum made it so much more special, she’s a great singer but not only that, we may not have ever had the chance to make those memories if she did not have a good outcome with her cancer, so it’s very special.

On the day of the audition in front of the judges I was so excited. But when Simon told us to come back with a new song, initially I was quite cross [laughs]. Simon picked the song ‘Lost Without You’ for us to perform, which was very apt and I think because we were concentrating so much that’s why we didn’t cry when singing the line ‘Lost Without You’, given all what we’ve been through.

There are no words to describe how amazing the moment Amanda hit the golden buzzer was. I was and still am so grateful, the memory will last my lifetime. Afterwards I was on a complete high but we were not allowed to tell anyone until the show aired. It was really hard to keep it a secret and then once the show aired, I felt like a superstar. All my friends and family were so happy for us. When the lockdown happened, I was worried, that the show would not go ahead. But we still used the time to prepare, we sang lots and I took care of my voice. I also play piano and write songs, so lockdown meant I had more time to do that and now I have an album’s worth!

The song we picked for the semi-finals, ‘You Are The Reason’ is one of my favourite songs. And the words once again were so true to us. My Mum is the reason I am here, that I can sing and why I performed on Britain’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, we did not make it through to the finals, and although it would have been amazing to see the journey through, we know we did so well to get to where we did. Outside of Britain’s Got Talent, my Mum and I regularly raise money for Cancer Research UK, so if people want to support us, we encourage them to follow our Instagram pages and hopefully together we can all help to find a cure for cancer. In terms of what comes next for me, I will continue to write songs and hopefully one day release my own music but mainly, I just hope that the future is dominated with good news and good health.

Sammy Harrison

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I’ve lived in Chigwell for 11 years but in the West Essex area all of my adult life. We have great outdoor spaces, restaurants and pubs and I really love the glamour of the people. I started singing as a young child and was classically trained from 11 years-old, but at 16 I started singing pop songs instead. I’ve had three record deals in my life that never went anywhere and I was very nearly in ‘Steps’ but Fay got the job instead of me. After that I sang for a living all around the world until I had Honey.

I first realised Honey could sing when she was 18 months-old. She copied an arpeggio on an advert note perfectly. Now we sing together all the time like in the car or whilst cooking. Honey told me she signed us up for Britain’s Got Talent just four days before the audition! My initial reaction was not one of joy. I just thought ‘It’ll just be hours of standing in a queue!’ But then I thought, ‘I’ll be with Honey, so it’s hours of mummy-daughter time.’

The day we went to audition in front of the judges was my birthday and when we first got sent off stage by Simon, I thought ‘this is the worst birthday ever’. I was concerned that it would break Honey’s confidence, but I need not have worried as she was so strong and determined. The moment Amanda hit the golden buzzer was indescribable. I knew how much Honey wanted to be on the show and I knew how much it would mean to her. To share that moment with her was one of the most precious memories. How will any other birthday ever compare? You didn’t see it on the TV but the whole auditorium stood up and sang Happy Birthday to me after.

Since then, life has been a rollercoaster of emotions. As a parent I was concerned about Honey being disappointed if the show didn’t go ahead due to Covid but thankfully it did and we just feel so privileged to have been a part of it all. In the semi-finals the creative team decided on the gold colour theme and the set was beautiful. We loved our outfits which we also got to keep! The song ‘You Are The Reason’ was perfect for us, there was a moment whilst we were rehearsing that I couldn’t get through the song without crying as the words are so very appropriate to us.

Going forward we will continue raising money for Cancer Research UK. During this pandemic it’s estimated there will be 50,000 cancer deaths that would in a different year have been prevented which is so sad. We all need to help as they rely upon charity donations and with so many events cancelled, helping is vital. For the future I hope that Honey continues to strive for a career in music and one day she will have written a song that someone else sings on the TV in an audition. For me personally, I may as well get back into live gigs – I’m available for all weddings and bar mitzvahs.

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