It's a dog's life

Meet Oliver, the pampered pooch who lives at the Four Seasons Hotel

Talk us through your typical day

I like to spend my mornings in the hotel lobby, saying hello to guests and farewell to those who are checking out. Everybody is usually more energetic in the mornings so if I wag my tail enough, someone will always throw a ball for me to catch or take me for a walk! It can be quite tiring being a puppy so I tend to have a couple of naps in my bed by the fireplace. Throughout the afternoon I like to spend time with everybody in the hotel so have some playtime in each department. Housekeeping is my favourite place for an afternoon nap as it’s lovely and warm in there! I attend a couple of company meetings everyday so that I am up to speed on everything that is going on in and around the hotel and I usually have training as well. The staff have lessons too, so they know how to speak to me in a way that I can understand. There’s a lot to remember but it’s worth it for all the treats I have if I behave!


Who are your best friends at the hotel?

Everybody wants to be my friend and that’s fine by me! You get more tummy tickles that way. I do love the doormen because they are always playful. I’ve been practising my fetch with them quite a lot. I’m pretty good at the chasing part but often I become distracted and just keep running! I’d like to be great friends with Toby, the pony, one day when I am older but at the moment he’s a little scary.


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Where are your favourite places to explore?

Well, I am not allowed in any of the restaurants or in the Library, where we serve afternoon tea, but I have a feeling they would be my favourite if I was. I love hunting for tennis balls over by the courts and exploring down by the lakes. If there is not clay pigeon shooting or falconry taking place I enjoy playing in the woods.


What’s your ideal snack?

I love all shoes but my favourite snacks are Mungo & Maud’s organic biscuit treats which we have in our boutique or, if I am being mischievous, chef sometimes gives me a bone which keeps me busy for hours!


Where do you sneak off to when it all gets too hectic?

My mum Maria has a lovely office in The Spa where I like to go to enjoy some ‘me time’. It’s my very own relaxation area.


Have you met any celebrity guests?

Some of my new best friends are celebrities! They often like to bring their own dogs with them so we can play. I don’t get star-struck though, all guests are VIP’s to me!


You’re very lucky to spend the day in a manor house, what’s the best thing about being a hotel dog?

Everybody wants to meet me, so I always have friends around me and new people to play with. I also have 500 acres to explore every day so I am very lucky and never bored!


Do you ever get to meet any other doggie friends?

Although dogs were always welcome before me, since I arrived, everybody has started to realise just how dog friendly we are! Guests have heard about our VIP doggie amenities (personalised water, luxury beds and feeding bowls) our dog walk trails and dog training. This has meant that I have made lots of other doggie friends. I try to meet all of our guests staying with their dogs and this is one of my favourite things about my new home!