Julie Neville on all things Cheshire

Julie Neville (c) Marga Ferrer

Julie Neville (c) Marga Ferrer - Credit: Archant

Author of two cookbooks and wife of footballer Phil, Julie Neville says there’s always fun to be had watching her husband run from dogs

To me, home is...

Where my family is, and that's Hale - at the moment! We have moved several times with Phil's work, including moving to Spain for three years recently. But as long as we are together as a family wherever we are will always feel like home.

Where do you head for a health kick?

Outside and into our home gym. I love moving and fresh air - it's good for both body and mind. We are an active family and often all four of us work out together, although I often head into the gym at 5am and there are not many offering to get up and join me at that time!

I rarely sit still or sit down and it drives my husband crazy. I could also say my kitchen, as I make the best green smoothies - absolutely delicious.

And to indulge?

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My kitchen. I spent two years working in restaurants in Spain when writing my cookbook. Now we are back in Cheshire I am working on sweet recipes so there is a lot of baking. There really is something comforting about the smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies - not that they last long in my kitchen.

Where do you do some credit card damage?

In Cheshire it would have to be Uber Interiors. I have worked with them on several projects and their ideas and products are incredible. I always set a budget - then after the first meeting have to re-think it.

Most romantic moment in Cheshire…

That would be recently, when we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. It falls between Christmas and New Year, so it is always super busy. Phil is usually away working, but this year he booked the day off. Let's just say my kitchen was filled with the most fabulous flowers and we had a beautiful meal locally with our children. It was just perfect.

Where do you go to relax?

To the park: fresh air and the gorgeous scenery always relax me. Although when my husband comes with me it's less so, as he has a huge fear of dogs, so spends the whole time running away from them. It's actually quite entertaining for me.

Finest view in Cheshire?

For me, the one from the top floor of our house. It's over four floors and we have huge windows and from that top floor, where I spend most of my time as it is also home to my dressing room, I can see all along the road where we live. I love it. There really is no place like home.

What I miss most about Cheshire when I am away…

Being close to my family and friends

I'm never happier than when I'm…

In my pyjamas with my husband and our children at home watching a movie.

My Cheshire Life, in three words:

Happy. Fulfilling. Entertaining.

Julie's second cook book, Authentic Spanish Cooking, is out now, RRP £25, and is available at major booksellers