Bottlegreen Drinks reduces energy consumption with Severn Wye Energy Agency

Bottlegreen Drinks

Bottlegreen Drinks - Credit: Archant

In this case study, we look at how soft drinks manufacturer Bottlegreen Drinks has reduced energy consumption and enjoyed massive savings with Severn Wye Energy Agency

Key facts:

- Potential savings of £35,000 to £50,000 identified

- Good Potential to move from oil to biomass fuel

- Savings of over 250 tonnes of carbon identified

The business:

Bottlegreen Drinks Company was established in 1989. The business currently produces 18 million bottles on soft drinks a year and is one of Gloucestershire’s top 100 businesses.

Bottle Green is pro-active in reducing it’s energy consumption; having in the past used data loggers to record the energy use over the site and used the information to balance the three phase supply; increased production line efficiencies by up to 25%; and reduced water consumption by 5 million litres a year.

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At the time of the survey the company was undergoing trials of LED strip lighting.

What we recommend:

Severn Wye produced an action plan with 29 recommendations for cutting energy consumption. If implemented, savings in the region of £25,000 to £50,000 could be achieved (a 25-50% saving).

The recommendations were broken down in to no cost; low cost and capital cost measures:

No cost measures included: setting hearing controls to appropriate times and temperatures and making use of power save functions on IT equipment.

Low cost measures included: Installing 7-day timer controls on electrical equipment; upgrading pipework insulation: insulation behind radiators.

Capital cost measure included: energy efficient lighting; boiler load optimisation; condensing flue heat exchangers; Voltage optimisation and replacing oil with biomass boilers.

Client quote: “The survey has been extremely useful in highlighting areas as for us to focus on. We were already aware of many areas that could reduce our energy use and make savings, however the report identified many more that we had not even considered. The surveyor was very knowledgeable and the final report was easy to read and clear in its analysis. The final summary helped us to target our efforts and resources and we have already made several of the improvements identified in the report. The survey was excellent value for money as it has already helped save us money and reduce our carbon footprint”

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