Cotswold Life Business & Professional Family Business Awards 2018

Cotswold Life Business & Professional Family Business Awards 2018

Cotswold Life Business & Professional Family Business Awards 2018 - Credit: Archant

We’re thrilled to announce our sixth year of the Cotswold Life Business & Professional Family Business Awards

Open to family-run firms of all sizes and across all sectors, we’re once again delighted to be championing the incredible contribution they make to the economy of the Cotswolds.

To enter is simple: head to and answer a few questions.

You can nominate your own family company - or tell us about one you know that’s doing amazing things.

Our aim with these awards is to celebrate the very best family-run operations across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

According to the Institute for Family Business (IFB), family firms support one in four UK jobs.

They are the beating heart of the UK economy, it says, generating £418bn GVA per annum - a quarter of GDP - and paying more than £133 billion in tax each year.

Employing around 12.2m people, family businesses account for almost half of private sector employment.

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And although family-owned giants like Dyson and JCB sit firmly in the top 10 for turnover in the latest Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100, many businesses are much smaller operations, and their contribution is no less critical.

So why are they so important?

“Strong values run through family businesses,” the IFB says.

“Owners have the opportunity to teach and pass along their business and personal values to the next generation and they embody and embrace responsible capitalism.

“They avoid excessive debt, have lower staff turnover and take a long-term and sustainable approach to investment. When tough times arrive, family firms are less likely to go under and are better placed to lead the recovery.”

It’s this sense of loyalty, responsibility and community that we want to celebrate in the 2018 Cotswold Life Business & Professional Family Business Awards.

So please take a moment to head to our web page and nominate the family-owned companies you know are the very best in the business.

Click here to nominate.

2018 awards categories

Best Start-up Family Business

We’re always on the look out for exciting new businesses. Many start-ups are family-owned, even if they go on to be the next Superdry, Renishaw or Oxford Instruments. We want to hear from you if you’ve started small – but are thinking big.

Family Business Apprentice

With the new Apprentice Levy coming into play, it’s a great time to celebrate apprentices and the role they play in business success. Have you got a great young apprentice - family member or not - who are slowly but surely working their way up through ranks. It’s time to shout about them.

Employee of the Year

Who has gone the extra mile for you this year? Who has driven the business forward? Created great initiatives that have inspired the rest of the staff? Organised a big charity drive? Recognise your Employee of the Year by nominating them - and they don’t even have to be a family member, just someone who works for you and stands out from the crowd.

Food & Farming Excellence

Food and farming is a mainstay of the Cotswold economy and our rare breed meats, artisan cheeses and exceptional produce are recognised the world over. This award recognises excellence in this sector.

Retail Excellence Award

Thousands of retail businesses across the region give the Cotswolds its place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. From corner shops to chi-chi boutiques, who’s top of the shops? We’d love to hear from you.

Next Generation Family Achiever

Every year, more than 100,000 family businesses transfer ownership between generations. Who’s the next generation mover and shaker in your business? Who’s taking it to the next level? This category is for them.

Fastest Growing Family Business

Is the latest generation driving your business forward? Or has your business found a family member who is propelling the business into the fast lane. If your turnover is soaring or your workforce has grown exponentially, this

is for you.

Family Business Exporter of the Year

Is your business making waves overseas? Are you forging into exciting new markets? We celebrate family businesses successfully doing big business abroad.

Outstanding Contribution to the Local or National Economy

This award celebrates the family business which has made its mark locally or nationally through the delivery exceptional products or services. Or simply by dedicated company resources to great projects in the Cotswolds - or further afield.

Family Business of the Year

The cream of the crop, we’ll be celebrating the family business that continues to shine, reinventing itself to stay at the forefront of the market and driving itself to even greater heights.

A message from our sponsor

Family businesses are truly unique and are the backbone of the UK’s economy. Ruth Dooley, Partner in Hazlewoods Corporate Services Team, works closely with a wide variety of businesses. Ruth and the team regularly provide advice on the many challenges that can arise from a family business and help to avoid the pitfalls.

This ranges from tax advice, ownership agreements, succession planning and much more. Hazlewoods aim to help family businesses create a more successful venture, drawing upon their unique strengths.

How to nominate:

The award categories and criteria are all listed. If you know a family business which you feel deserves a nomination, simply visit the website and to fill out the form including details of:

• Your contact details

• Category in which you’d like to make a nomination

• Business or person being nominated

• Business contact details

• Brief summary to support the nomination

Nominations close on July 16, 2018.

Each winner will be invited to join Cotswold Life for a celebratory presentation.

Click here to nominate.