Gloucestershire College partners with Hooray Recruitment to fill apprenticeship gaps

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In partnership with Gloucestershire College, Hooray Recruitment will lend their recruitment expertise to businesses looking for apprentices

Gloucestershire College has partnered with Cheltenham-based recruitment agency, Hooray Recruitment to provide a new platinum service to help businesses to fill harder to appoint apprenticeship roles.

Apprenticeships are becoming the new chosen further education path for many young people, and finding the right person for the role and the business is crucial. The college provide their own recruitment service to businesses for free, however the new platinum service in association with Hooray will help to fill gaps that have been difficult to fill in the past. The ultimate aim is to retain in the county.

Hooray charge £1000 to businesses to provide this platinum service. Benefits of this include; marketing the apprenticeship role to attract new candidates from Hooray's huge talent pool database, maximum exposure on all social media platforms/job sites and screening candidates on businesses behalf.

Andy Bates, Chief Financial Officer at Gloucestershire College, welcomes the partnership. "I am delighted to be working with Hooray Recruitment to provide this platinum service. Apprenticeships are a modern further education option for many young people offering them a qualification and experience at the same time. We hope that this partnership works towards the 2050 vision of educating and retaining talent in the county, by filling the gaps that before have been difficult to fill."

Richard Arthur, Director of Hooray Recruitment, added: "We are very happy and proud to be supporting Gloucestershire College with their apprenticeships and are offering our recruitment expertise with their platinum.

For more information or to get recruitment help to fill your apprenticeship roles please contact the business hub on 01452 563400 or email to discuss both recruitment packages.

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