Gloucestershire College: ‘The Seven Cyber Sins’ event

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Gloucestershire College partners with local businesses and experts to tackle the cyber security threat

‘The Seven Cyber Sins’ one day event will show businesses how to protect themselves against the seven most common and dangerous cyber security sins. The event organised in partnership with Tech OP and Bamboo Technology will take place on Friday April 28, 9am-4.30pm.

Gloucestershire College, in partnership with local businesses Tech OP and Bamboo Technology Group, has organised an event to raise awareness of the cyber security risks facing businesses across the county. The one day event, titled ‘The Seven Cyber Sins’, will give local business leaders and a small group of Gloucestershire College students a grounded, non-technical look at the very real and growing threats faced by businesses every day. Through a series of interactive workshops and demonstrations in small groups, it will provide businesses with practical education and advice on how to protect themselves against major cyber threats such as ransomware, data theft and major system vulnerabilities.

Business leaders will experience a journey through the lifecycle of cyber threat from the unique perspective of the Seven Cyber Sins. From ransomware and the dark web to social engineering and mobility, delegates will learn about the impact of these threats and just how relevant they are to the security and success of an organisation.

“We have organised this event in partnership with local ICT leaders Tech OP and Bamboo Technology to help local businesses keep themselves safe against the growing cyber security threat,” comments Derek Hassack, Head of School at Gloucestershire College. “This is also a fantastic opportunity for some of our students to gain a better understanding of the cyber security threat and to spend the day working alongside senior leaders at major employers across the county. And they’ll have some constructive ideas of their own to contribute.”

Simon Leonard, Commercial Director at Tech OP says, “The sad truth is that many businesses do not have the correct protection in place when it comes to cyber security. They are unaware of the nature of modern day security threats and do not understand how they may be compromised; and how significant the impact can be. This event will demonstrate - with real-world examples and using non-technical language - the range and breadth of cyber threats and how they are targeting staff and businesses every day.”

Lorrin White, MD of Bamboo Technology comments, “Business leaders are overwhelmed by almost daily media reports highlighting the latest breaches, attacks and threats. But most don’t understand the solutions or processes their businesses must have in place to protect both their own data, and that of their customers. It is not unreasonable today to think of cyber security planning in terms of when your business will be attacked, not if. With a lack of understanding or awareness and complacency being the biggest risks to any business, this event is set to be invaluable.”

“The Seven Cyber Sins” event will take place on Friday April 28 at the Gloucester Campus. For further details and to register, please visit:

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