How decluttering can make you money

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Decluttering isn’t just about organisation: it can make you money too. Professional organiser and declutterer Victoria Staff explains how

There is a lot more to decluttering your home than simply making it more organised, it can actually save you money and also make you some money in the process. Here’s how.

Saving money

Have you ever had to go and buy something that you already own because you cannot find it, or even perhaps forgotten that you have? This is all unnecessary spending and is a sign you need to declutter. Finding clothes from a few years ago stuffed in the back of a wardrobe isn’t necessarily a bad investment as clothes don’t have a use-by date – unless it is something that was a spur of the moment statement piece and is so last season. It may seem time-consuming but if clothing is stored correctly, it will last you for years and will save you having to buy new pieces as often.

Have a look at your kitchen cupboards or bathroom products and I’m sure you’ll have doubled up on items that are probably out of date and no longer usable. Everything from dry cupboard food to face creams, make up and pharmaceutical products all have end of life dates and if you total up the items you throw away it all mounts up. If you designate one place for each type of item then you can avoid duplicating, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

With so much focus in the media on waste, recycling and the environment, the majority of items you would throw away in your home can actually be sold, recycled or donated. Any unused food items or toiletries could be donated to your local food bank. Online market places can be used to sell material items you no longer want or if you have anything of value, contact your local auctioneers.

Making money

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If you are considering putting your house on the market or possibly renting it out, then decluttering and styling your home beforehand will not only make the online marketing and brochures look good, it will attract more attention. When it comes to actual viewings, it will create an environment that people could potentially see themselves living in. This may seem irrelevant as the contents of your home are not being purchased or your property is being rented unfurnished, but potential buyers and tenants will not just base their decision on what the property looks like as a shell, but also the feeling they get when they walk in.

Whether you are looking at ways of saving money, or looking to put your home on the market, I work with my clients to get the most out of their space and create an environment that looks and feels homely or Hygge as the Danish say.

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