Jaguar Land Rover Experience welcomes back its ‘Old Boys’ to Eastnor

Jaguar Land Rover Experience

Jaguar Land Rover Experience - Credit: Archant

For the first time last year, we invited all previous instructors who once were custodians of Land Rover’s most photographed and legendary location, to return for one day and share their knowledge and experience with the current team in a new annual event now takes place on the tracks at Eastnor.

In early December, our special event, for what we affectionately call the ‘Eastnor Old Boys Day Out’ was genuinely a real highlight. Considered as Land Rover royalty, off road driving Gurus, and innovators of their day, there is still, after decades, the underlying passion for what they did, and quite rightly they can marvel at the result of their labour and how it has flourished to what it is now in 2016.


To call them Instructors does not do justice to their endeavour and skills, they were to be found digging in the woods, making tracks, identifying natural features and contours which would test both vehicle and driver. It is a real honour to understand the differences between old and new and gives a real insight into the modern day role of a Land Rover Experience team member.


The current team learn so much from them, but it’s a two way recognition which is very flattering indeed. To hear how proud they are of what we are currently doing, recognising the differing business needs nowadays and keeping pace with technology, all capped perfectly with an unequivocal applause for maintaining standards. Coming from revered and well respected forerunners of the brand, it is the highest praise imaginable and means a lot to the new dogs.


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We all are looking forward to next year, and to pinch a phrase from the welcome speech given by Jaguar Land Rover Experience General Manager -David Saunders “We truly are ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’”.


The day’s value is priceless and goes a long way to inspire and encourage the team, what better way to motivate and reward, than have the pioneers of yesteryear applaud and recognise a job well done.


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